The Best Way to Apply Windshield Glass Sealant

Leaky windshields are a big problem, especially on a rainy day. The small cracks may not be visible, but they will sure make themselves seen during extreme weather. To prevent this inconvenience, you must apply a windshield glass sealant properly.

How does a windshield glass sealant work?

Windshield glass sealants provide waterproofing to your auto glass. It repels water and other chemicals, so you’ll have clear visibility while driving. Aside from that, windshield glass sealant also resists extreme temperatures and vibrations.

A glass sealant is poured between the gasket and the windshield. This will help seal small holes and cracks that are hard to fix using non-fluid materials.

Once the sealant dries, it will have a clear color. It will also bond strongly to the windshield glass to prevent moisture or air leaks.

Aside from the windshield, this sealant is also used on other auto glass parts. It’s often used to seal sunroofs and windows as well.

How to apply a windshield glass sealant

Step 1. Find the leak

To know where you need to apply the windshield sealant, you first need to find the leak. You can use a garden hose to douse your windshield. Make sure that you soak the areas around the gasket since this is where most leaks occur.

Step 2. Prepare your windshield

Once you’ve found the leak, the next step is to apply the sealant. But before that, you should cover the windshield and car paint with a thick roll of painter’s tape. Next, you need to place the tape on the edge of the windshield glass and the car’s frame.

Step 3. Apply the sealant

When applying the sealant, you must cut the tube opening in an angled manner to allow a small amount to flow at a time. After that, squeeze the sealant into the area where the leaks occur. Apply enough sealant until it’s within the same level as the frame and the windshield glass.

After that, run a finger along the gap to smooth out the sealant gel. There’s no need to push the gel into the cracks since it will automatically settle and fill the gap.

Step 4. Let it dry

Once you’re done applying the glass sealant, you should let it dry for up to 15 minutes. After that, remove all the tape. It’s important to remove the tape before the sealant dries completely.

Step 5. Clean your windshield

The last step is to clean your windshield of any excess sealant. You can use rubbing alcohol to remove the leftover sealant or a razor blade if you prefer to scrape it.

For the best results, you should let the windshield sealant cure overnight before driving your car again. This will allow the gel to adhere to the glass fully.


Sealing your windshield properly is crucial to avoid leaks while driving. If you don’t trust your DIY skills, it’s always best to bring your car to a trusted auto shop. A licensed auto technician will seal the windshield properly to ensure that no cracks or holes will be left behind.