How Broken Glass Could Be Stopping Your Windows From Opening

Car windows are supposed to roll up smoothly all the way up. The same could be said when rolling them down. It doesn’t matter if you have an automated or crank-type system – they should never jam.

If you suddenly find windows not going completely to the top or bottom frames. Or if they somehow get stuck while in use, one possible reason is broken glass.


Why Broken Glass Is Jamming Your Car Windows

Car windows sometimes crack on the edges, leaving behind tiny shards which get stuck within the panel of window frames. As a result, they prevent car windows from functioning properly.

In any case, don’t try to force the windows up or down. If you have automated windows, this could wear down the motor. Manual, crank-type windows can be “forced” to budge given enough force. But if there is broken glass lodged between the panel, forcing the window will break it or damage the frame.

Since you’re not sure if broken glass really is the culprit, let’s find out together.


3 Hidden Signs of Broken Car Windows

Spotting a broken car window isn’t easy. Cracks may hide behind the framework, so there’s no way to see them in plain sight. However, it’s not impossible to find out. There are three signs you can watch out for.


Sign #1 – Car window produces a scraping sound

A car window that makes scraping sounds while moving up or down is a sure sign of broken glass. There may be tiny shards sliding up and down the frame each time you use the car window. The good news? These shards are still loose but once they get stuck, it can be difficult to remove them.

Before this happens, take your vehicle to an auto glass repair service and have the window inspected.


Sign #2 – Car window moves slowly or jams while in use

If you see these signs, there are two possible causes. Either the car window is out of place or there’s broken glass between the frame. An auto glass repair shop can realign car windows that may have gone askew, granted that the frame has no dents and is in good condition. They can also remove pieces of glass stuck between the frame.


Sign #3 – Car window tilts when moving

If your car window tilts to the front or back each time you try rolling it up or down, you’re in a worst case scenario. It’s not just shards that are the problem. It’s more likely that the entire bottom of your car window is broken, and you will have to replace the whole glass.


Should You Replace A Broken Car Window?

A car window that’s completely broken at the bottom definitely needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Windows that are broken around the edges can still be used without needing a replacement for a while. Although it’s more practical to do so.

Your car insurance policy may already cover side window replacement. So try to check with your provider to see if you’re covered. A broken car window is also a safety hazard during life-threatening conditions. You can best reduce these risks by having the car window replaced.