What to do with a broken vehicle window while waiting for auto glass repair?

If you have a shattered car window and can’t make your way to an auto glass repair shop immediately to replace it, you’re leaving your vehicle susceptible to further damage. A shattered window can be an opening for unwanted guests to get into your car, like pests, water, and debris. And once they get inside your car, they can cause extensive damage to its interior.

So until you have the opportunity to head to an auto glass repair shop, you need to protect your car’s interior. Here are some helpful tips that you can use.


Remove all the Broken Glasses

Always clean out every bit of glass from the shattered window in your car before doing anything else. There will surely be glass fragments in the door as well, so try to clean it up as much as you can. Never try to pick up the shattered glass with your bare hands. Broken glass fragments can cut your skin, so make sure to wear thick protective gloves when handling them.

It would be impossible to remove every glass shard by hand because some can be too small. Use a high-powered vacuum to clean up the smallest bits of glass. Remember that these small fragments are hard to spot and can be hidden anywhere inside your car. Vacuum the whole area to make sure everything is clean.


Clean the Window Frame

Sometimes, a vacuum cleaner may not be enough to remove all the bits of auto glass around the window frame. In this case, you’ll need a damp, soft cloth to wipe the area from any leftover glass fragments. It will also wipe off all the dust and debris that will hinder you from sealing the window in the next step.


Cover and Seal the Window

After thoroughly cleaning the window frame and the car’s interior, the next and final step is to seal the window. To complete this step, you have a few options to consider. You can either use a plastic cover with tape or use tape alone.


Plastic Cover & Tape

With this approach, you can either use a clear drop cloth or an ordinary plastic bag. Start by stretching the plastic cover across the window and sealing it with tape. Please make sure to seal the entire opening to stop moisture and debris from getting inside. And for extra protection, seal both sides of the window, inside and out.


Using tape

The use of tape is another option you can consider if you don’t have any plastic cover at the moment. To complete this kind of sealing, you need to use long strips of tame on both sides of the window (inside and out).

Keep in mind that the two sealing methods are ONLY temporary solutions until you can’t take your car to a nearby auto glass repair shop and replace the shattered glass. For you and your passengers’ safety, please make sure to deal with the problem as soon as possible.