Busting the Leading Windshield Myths

Your windshield plays an important role in the safety of your driving. It’s only after you’ve experienced an accident that you’ll realize how significant it is to maintain the quality of your auto glass. Debris, wind, dust, leaves, and bugs may go flying straight to your vision without this layer of defense.

But as much as windshields are commonplace in cars, they are still mired with some myths. It may sound funny, but some of these misconceptions can actually expose you to greater accidents.

All repair companies are the same

This is the biggest lie of all. Each auto body shop has their own equipment and process when it comes to repairing or replacing a windshield. Assuming that all of them are the same means you’re not getting the best service possible.

You should be wary of amateurs who will claim that they can fix your windshield quick. Compared to professionals who underwent training, these bogus technicians may cause more damages to your car.

Repairing a windshield will increase insurance rates

Although some insurance companies can rip you off with a higher fee after filing for a windshield repair claim, a lot won’t. Increasing their rates drastically can result in bad publicity and the possibility of losing their clients. Although your premium may increase after an expensive repair, the cost should still be reasonable enough.

However, if your driving records portray an image of a reckless driver, there’s a chance that they will increase your rates. Since it’s possible that you’ll figure in more accidents than other drivers, it just makes perfect sense that they have to bank on your premiums.

A small crack isn’t a big deal

This is the common reasoning of many car owners whenever they notice cracks on their windshield. If it doesn’t block your vision, it shouldn’t be a problem, as they say. However, a chip can easily turn into a crack that takes up your entire windshield. This will cost you more in repairs or even require a possible replacement.

Again, the rule of thumb is to get cracks and chips fixed as soon as they occur. That way, you won’t have to file for an insurance claim and your driving safety won’t be compromised. Driving around with a damaged windshield isn’t fine.

Only big rocks can damage your windshield

Remember, your windshield may be the strongest glass in your car, but it doesn’t mean it’s invincible. Yes, big rocks can wreck your auto glass, but even gravel and small objects can cause it to crack. Imagine driving at 70 mph with gravel going straight onto your windshield. This force can cause cracks and chips on the glass that will soon branch out if you don’t get it repaired. Even a pebble flying at a speed of 100 mph can bore a hole on your windshield. The shape of the object will also increase the chances of shattering the glass.

It’s important that you set the facts straight when it comes to your windshield. This is a matter of safety and being a conscientious motorist.