Can Car Dealers Repair Windshields

When your windshield sustains damage, you only want the best to repair it for you. This is why some car owners ask their dealers to fix it for them. But is your dealer really equipped for such a job? In most cases, they will be. But you have to ask some questions first to guarantee the quality of their work.

Do they have licensed technicians?

Most car dealers will have partner shops or technicians that will perform the windshield replacements. Make sure that they have the necessary license to guarantee the quality of their work.

Since they sell the vehicles, car dealers can supply OEM parts, which is necessary if you want to retain the warranty of your vehicle. However, not all car dealers can provide this service. And even if they can, not all can provide a comprehensive set of services for your car.

When to ask the help of an auto shop

If your car dealer doesn’t have a windshield specialist, it’s best to drive to an auto shop instead. Do so, especially if your car dealer only supplies after-market windshields.

Aside from wind replacements, auto shops also offer other services like checking your car windows, waxing, tire alignment, and so on.

If you don’t have the time to drive to a shop or your car dealer, you can ask for a mobile service instead. This is when your car’s windshield is replaced at your home.

What to consider when choosing a windshield replacement service

Whether it’s your car dealer or an auto shop, you should always consider a couple of factors. This is so you can save some money and skip the hassle of having the replacement redone. To give you an idea, here are some of the aspects you should look into:

*Glass type – Always ask what type of glass will be used in replacing your windshield. It can either be OEM or after-market glass, depending on your budget and your needs.

*Cost – Most car owners consider cost as the main factor when deciding which service to choose. Take note that not all expensive services are good, and not all cheap ones are bad. You should ask for the glass that will be used, the guarantee they provide, and the licenses they possess.

*Insurance coverage – Is your dealer willing to work with your insurance company to cover the expenses? Take note that many insurers require OEM replacements for cars that are more than two years old. Make sure that the car dealer is equipped to follow such requirements.

*Guarantee – Does your dealer provide a guarantee on the replacement? If not, it might be best to head to an auto shop instead.

Final words

Asking your car dealer for windshield replacements is a convenient choice. Still, you should check if they have a licensed technician or windshield expert to handle the job. This way, your money won’t go to waste and the replacement will not require a redo.

Make sure that you check their competency as well as the licenses they possess. Above all, prioritize the materials that will be used in the process.