Can you completely remove chips from your window?

When you notice a chip or a small crack in your windshield it is crucial that you get it repaired as quickly as you can. If you leave it, there is a risk that it will turn into a larger crack that will require the entire windshield to be replaced. Not only is this way more hassle for you, it is also more expensive. Do yourself a favor and take your chipped windshield to an auto glass repair shop before it’s too late.


How are chips and cracks repaired?

If you take your car into an auto glass repair center before the chip or crack spreads, technicians will be able to inject a clear resin into the chip. This fills it up and stops the crack from spreading further. It only takes ten minutes and you’ll be able to drive your car home instantly.


Will the chip still be visible

The resin that is injected into your windshield is only used to fill the gap and stop the glass from cracking further. It will do nothing to hide the chip in your windshield. There isn’t a product out there that will stop your crack from being visible. Bear in mind, however, that a chipped windshield that has been filled with resin is perfectly safe to drive. There’s no risk at all and you don’t need to get the entire windshield replaced.


How can I remove the chip completely

The only way to remove the chip comepletely is to replace the entire windshield. This may be necessary if the chip is in your eye line when driving and obscures your view or distracts you. But there simply isn’t a way to remove the chip without removing the entire windshield.


Bear in mind that you have the power to make the chip as small as possible. And that is by bringing your car in to be serviced as soon you notice the chip appear. As we have said, auto glass professionals won’t be able to stop cracks from appearing or make them disappear altogether, but we can stop them from spreading.


If you notice a chip or a crack on your windshield and you want to keep it as small as possible without getting your entire windshield replaced, bring your car down to A+ Plus Auto Glass. Our technicians can inject resin into any and all cracks to stop them from getting bigger and have you driving off within half an hour. Give us a call on (623) 218-6844 to book an appointment or use our online contact form.