Car Care Tips to Know When You’re in Your 20s (Part 2)

In Car Care Tips to Know When You’re in Your 20s (Part 1), I already shared a few helpful tips for everyone in their 20s to help them deal with the basic knowledge about cars. To continue the discussion, I will now list more car care tips below.

Having a maintenance record of repairs

One day, you will ask yourself, “Wait a minute….did I change the oil filter this year or last year?” You would not want to change or repair the same thing twice. Record everything! When I mean everything, you write everything down from the date of changing the engine oil to making major changes like repairing the car engine.

Trust me, with all the things happening to your car, you won’t be able to keep up with the details of each repair. So, it is better to have a small notebook as a record for all the changes made to your vehicle. Whether it is a short trip to the mechanic or an extensive perform maintenance, keep it a record of it.

Learning to drive a manual transmission

It is best to learn using a manual transmission vehicle. Once you learn the standard way, you can pretty much drive any car. This is particularly helpful when you are the only one sober, and the rest of your friends are all wasted. For sure, you will be the designated driver and the group’s fate is solely in your hards. Thus, it is literally a lifesaving skill when you know how to operate a manual transmission.

Maintaining traction during a snowy or rainy weather

If the weather conditions are quite tough, it is important to keep your foot light. When you apply a heavy pressure, your car can immediately accelerate. Moreover, you can lose lose control of your car. Of course, we would not want to meet an accident so it is important press the pedals the lightly and drive with caution especially if the weather is not cooperating. (Side note: if you are using a manual transmission vehicle, shift to the higher gears to reduce chances of wheel slip.)

Learning how to parallel park

This is probably the most difficult task when you are learning how to drive. That’s why when you are done with Driver’s Ed you just avoid it all costs, and just pick a convenient parking spot even if it’s quite far from your meeting place.

Now is the time to confront the dreaded parallel parking task. You need to stop near the car ahead of the empty parking spot, and then, put your car on reverse. Slowly, reverse backwards and turn the steering wheel to the right. Just keeping backing up carefully, and turn the wheel to the left when know that you have enough room with the car in front of you. If necessary, just move forward (or backward) to adjust with the cars within your proximity.

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