Car Care Tips to Know When You’re in Your 20s (Part 1)

Once you have reached your 20s, you are now an adult. You have to go into the world like a real person now, but you have little to no experience how life works. I am particularly talking about cars; you may know a lot about school and have a vast general knowledge, but for cars, you need some tips regarding car care, car maintenance, and other daily driving conundrums.

How to change a tire.

It is inevitable but easy to fix. You’ll be driving along and get a flat tire. Make sure you know where your tool kit is located, find the jack point underneath, get her airborne, and start heaving those lug nuts off. Tighten them back down in a star pattern and you should be good to go.

Having the right amount of tire pressure

Your car tires have to have the right pressure. Going over will be dangerous, and going under will have the same outcome. That is why checking the tire pressure is necessary whether you are running a quick errand or taking a cross-country roadtrip.

Purchase a tire-pressure gauge to check on whether your tires are overinflated or underinflated. To use, you have to press the device to the inflation nipple, and you will be able to see how much pressure each tire has. The ideal pressure for your front tires & rear tires should be reflected on the driver-side door.

Having the correct pressure will also help you make better use of the fuel. You will be saving money and saving trees as well. The trees will be perpetually be grateful for your efforts in saving the planet.

Checking your oilman in red car

Let’s not jump into changing the oil, and start with something fairly easy, which is checking on your engine oil.

First, you need to find the dipstick on the engine block. Pull it out, wipe the oil off the stick, put it back, and then, remove it. On the second time you remove the dipstick, you will have an idea on the engine oil level. Inspect the indication levels to examine how the far up is the oil.

Knowing that you will have to handle different cars in many different ways

There is NO one-size-fits-all method in terms of cars because there are many types and brands out there.

Besides that, cars move in many different ways: some using the front wheels, rear wheels, or all four wheels. For the benefit of everyone, front-wheel is the most common type while the rear-wheel is prevalent in high-performance cars. Lastly, the four-wheel is suitable for tricky and difficult driving situations.

Storing some essentials in the glove compartment

The glove box is not merely a storage for all your food, CDs, and other junk. It is a great place to store the car registration, the insurance details, the owner’s manual, and other documents. You can even add a small first-aid kit and a flashlight in case of any roadside emergency!

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