What to Do When Your Car Gets Broken Into

What will you do if one morning you discover that your car has been broken into? Across the country, property crime including car theft and break-ins are major concerns. As thieves target vehicles, the owners are becoming smarter and smarter in preventing the bad guys from pursuing their dark motives.


There’s no guaranteed way to secure your car 100% from thieves. However, you can do something to lower the probability of your car being the next target.

Always lock the doors

This is a no-brainer but many car owners keep forgetting to lock their cars before leaving. Regardless if you just grab something from the store quickly, it’s always necessary to lock your car. It will only take a thief a few seconds to take advantage of your naïveté.

The worse part here is that some car owners leave their doors unlocked intentionally. This is so there would be no broken windows or picked locks. Although this may sound reasonable, it exposes their families to potential harm, especially if private documents are stored in the trunk.

Park smart

Park your car in a well-lit and high-traffic spot. This way, thieves will think twice about targeting your vehicle. Doing this is important especially if you’re leaving your vehicle unattended for a few days.

Remove valuables from your car

The reason why thieves break into your car is that there’s something they want to get. You’re probably leaving your gadgets, money, and documents inside and on show. The rule here is to never leave a purse, bag, or suitcase in sight. Even if it’s empty, the burglar will only know once they smashed your windows and take a peek for themselves.

Also, never leave house keys in your car. Lastly, it’s not safe to leave electronic gadgets inside a car. It may explode and cause a bigger problem.

What to do when someone breaks into your car

Sometimes thieves won’t spare your car. Here’s what you need to do in the event of a break-in:

Call the cops. Don’t touch your car, even the handles, until the police officers have documented the crime scene. There might be clues or fingerprints that can track the suspect. If there are missing credit or debit cards, call the bank and have it canceled or frozen immediately.

Contact your insurer. There will probably be broken windows and missing valuables. You should file for an insurance claim to cover the repair expenses minus the deductible that you’ll have to pay for.

Take pictures. Even if the authorities have taken pictures, shoot a few snaps for yourself. This will be useful in filing an insurance claim.

Let your car be repaired. Never drive your car right after someone has broken into it. Have it repaired first. You’ll never know if the thief had pulled some wires. This is a matter of safety which your insurance policy will likely cover.

Break-in incidents are both expensive and traumatic. Still, you can take some proactive steps while staying informed whatever happens.