Car Maintenance Mistakes that You Should AVOID Doing (Part 1)

When your car is functioning well, you won’t mind the other parts and take them for granted. However, you should not turn a blind eye on these things because sometimes parts may fail without warning. You won’t even have the time to fix such things. That’s why you should schedule a car maintenance right away!

Whether we admit or not, we are all guilty on neglecting the issues we notice. At some point, we promised to get that issue fixed as soon as possible. BUT the moment never came because we thought to ourselves that the car is still working. So, there’s no need to rush the repair, right?

Nope, do not make it a habit to ignore serious car troubles. Here’s a list of mistakes that you should avoid committing:

  • Do NOT drive with defective or burned-out lights

    • Light bulbs are pretty cheap, but most people tend to neglect this car maintenance. Often times, people think that their vehicle still runs so replacing light bulbs are an additional expense. Nope, don’t be complacent.  Just go ahead and do it because it is inexpensive. Aside from that, how are you supposed to see the road at night without headlights? Without high beams, it is tough to navigate an unchartered and dark place.
    • There should be an indication in your dashboard about your signal lights. For taillights and brake lights, since there are on the back portion, you should check them from time to time if they are still working well.
    • To understand how to replace the burned-out lights, refer to the owner’s manual. Replacing lights is not a dangerous task; you can even do it yourself! Please do it right away because navigating the road without lights will put your life on the line. Worse, another car can hit you because the driver couldn’t see you. The outcome for this incident could be very expensive for you and your car.
black and white car jumpstarting

A demonstration on how to properly jump start a car

  • Do NOT attempt to jump-start your car when you have no idea what to do

    • Having jumper cables can come in handy, but that doesn’t mean you are authorize to jump-start your car. Remember, if you do not use the jumper cables properly, you can harm your car. It will be like a burnt toast if you don’t apply the proper steps.
    • First, you have to learn how to do it correctly. Don’t wait for an accident to happen and you search for this article online.
      • Here are the steps:

        • Don’t stay in the middle of the road. Common sense will tell you to park somewhere safe.
        • Wear protective gear especially for your eyes. Don’t smoke while your attaching cables unless you want to be fried with the batteries.
        • Make sure that the jumper are connected to the correct terminals.
        • Before you start the process, be sure to check if the ignition is switched off. Both cars should be off and not touching each other. See the attached photo reference above.

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