Car Maintenance Mistakes that You Should AVOID Doing (Part 2)

In my post on Car Maintenance Mistakes that You Should AVOID Doing (Part 1), I started discussing about the car maintenance mistakes that you should not be doing. Today, I will specifically talk about 2 more problems.

  • Do NOT sign up for any electrical work done haphazardly

    • Will fix the wirings in your own house without switching the power off? You would not, right? The same things apply for your car. You do not immediately fix the problem, but you double-check the problem first. Carelessly addressing the problem could fry your house, or your car for that matter. Worse, you could also get zapped and end up in the emergency room.
    • Automotive experts may say that the electric current in a vehicle is not enough to hurt you. However, it is better to be not complacent. Be on the safe side and always assume that you could get hurt. Always be careful, and if you are not sure what to do, call a repair expert instead.
    • Besides, if you don’t get hurt, it does not mean it’s fine okay.  Your carelessness could lead to an electrical fire, or you could possibly overload the wirings. So, it is important to assess the problem beforehand and make sure you would not damage any electrical components.
    • Before making any move, be sure that your car is switched off. Remember to disconnect everything before doing any repair. This is particularly important for hybrid cars because they come with a high-voltage battery. Hence, you should avoid touching the battery because it will have more shock potential compared to a typical car.

gray steering wheel and tire

  • Do NOT always assume that worn out tires will last a little longer

    • Bald tires will get you serious trouble. You always tell yourself, a few more miles, a few more miles. If you are not careful, your tires will give up on you without any warning. To be roadworthy, your car will need to have a good set of tires. Every single day, your car comes in contact with diverging paths and roads.
    • Imagine, sending the kids to school and then your tires suddenly burst, it will definitely cause an accident. Your car will get derailed to the opposite lane. This could get you in serious trouble! Do not put the lives of your loved ones at risk because you want to squeeze a few more miles.
    • It is best to know the exact age of your car’s tires. If you can’t remember the last time you got a new set, there’s a huge chance that you may need a new one. Check on the tire tread because it gets worn out over time. Remember, the tread keeps the tires intact. If they separate, then, you are in big trouble!
    • You would not wear stilettos during winter; boots are better gear. The same goes for your car, and it absolutely needs good shoes to travel well. Eventually, cracks may appear, and it affect the structural integrity of the tires. Moreover, you won’t immediately notice it because the cracks are too microscopic to be visible. If this happens, the tires won’t be able function properly. For more tire care tips, please refer to the post on Always Check Your Tires and Wiper Blades.

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