Car Maintenance Mistakes that You Should AVOID Doing (Part 3)

Previously, I have discussed Car Maintenance Mistakes that You Should AVOID Doing (Part 1) and Car Maintenance Mistakes that You Should AVOID Doing (Part 2). Now, it’s time for the 3rd set of reminders regarding mistakes to avoid.

  • Do NOT take for granted the brake repair

  • Brake jobs are not that particularly difficult to do, but messing it up can have serious consequences. Many people choose to be on the safe side, and hire a pro for this task. Brakes work properly because of friction. That’s the fundamental concept behind the science of brakes. When you hit on the brakes, th hydraulic pressure in the system squeezes the brake pads and brake calipers. Thus, creating friction that will slow down your vehicle.
  • The brakes need friction to work, but the moving parts need lubrication. So, the moving parts will work smoothly or else your car won’t function properly. When you are handling the brake components, you will need a grease that is specifically made for the the brake system. The oil for the moving parts won’t work! If these oily substances enter the brake system, your are screwed big time.
  • That is why you have to be precise when applying lube for the moving parts. If an ounce of grease gets to the brake pads or rotors, don’t expect your brakes to work because they will not. NOT EVEN THE SLIGHTEST BIT!

black tool chest near wire spool

  • Do NOT forget to torque the lug nuts

  • Lug nut installation is pretty simple to do. You will have a guide upon reading the owner’s manual. The proper specifications and the correct torque wrench are indicated there so don’t forget to read the manual. Because many people don’t, this simple step can be miscalculated. Things will go wrong when the wheels are insufficiently bolted.
  • Not tightening the lug nuts will cause a huge problem, but over tightening can also have consequences. Driving components are over stressed when things too tight.  lugs. Tense lugs can cause friction, and as discussed earlier, the moving parts need lube to run smoothly. Harsh metal on metal can lead to friction, and over time, this is bad for your car. So, make sure the lug nuts are not too loose or too tight. Just the right amount!
  • Do NOT forget to replace the fluids

  • Your car does not only need gasoline, but there are other liquids that are as important as the gasoline. For instance, you will need frequent oil change. The moving parts of your engine will need grease or else they dry up. The same is true for the transmission fluid. There’s also the brake fluid that will assist in having the right pressure.
  • You see, your car needs different kinds of fluids in order to run properly. If you run out of any of these fluids, it can cause problems. Do not be that person who forgets to refill the oil after change. I know it sounds stupid, but it can happen. At the end of the day, your car will need these liquids. It is up to you to have them check if they are drained. Once the regular car maintenance is done, it is equally important to check if they are properly refilled.

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