Car Maintenance Mistakes that You Should AVOID Doing (Part 4)

Finally, you have reached the last part of the Car Maintenance Mistakes that You Should AVOID Doing series. If you want to catch up on the previous post, you can refer to Car Maintenance Mistakes that You Should AVOID Doing (Part 3). Anyway, let’s continue, and talk about the last 3 car maintenance mistakes.

  • Do NOT forget to tighten the oil filter

  • Oil change is important, but so is the oil filter. The filter is present to separate any foreign residues, and aside from that, your engine needs the right amount of oil. If your car isn’t properly greased, you will call for help anytime soon. Be sure you have the tow truck’s number when this happens!
  • To replace your oil filter, you will need a wrench with the right size. If it’s too loose, the wrench won’t make any progress. So, other than the oil filter, make sure to get the right wrench before you exit the auto parts store. A loose filter will just let you waste all the engine’s oil. Once they are splattered all over, the engine could stop working. Worse, you could experience car fires. So, be sure to secure the installations even if it’s seems as trivial as the oil filter.

closeup photo of black car instrument cluster panel

  • Do NOT take for granted the warning lights

  • Warning lights are there to give you a heads up. Do not ignore its warnings, and for sure, the dashboard warning lights are pretty hard to miss. But being stubborn human beings, we tend to ignore and pretend nothing is wrong because your car is still working.
  • When your car is giving you a sign, don’t ignore it because it is trying to tell you something. You should adhere to it because that is what they are designed for: to give you a warning. So, if you don’t know what the lights are telling you, refer to the owner’s manual.
  • For instance, a light could mean a low tire pressure. This is something that is easy to do. Just go to the nearest gas station, and have it fixed. However, if the problem is something serious, then, you can ask for professional help. A+ PLUS AUTO GLASS takes pride in the quality of work, and A+ PLUS AUTO GLASS has been serving the folks in Phoenix, Arizona for 25 years now. To schedule a repair, you can call us at 623-218-6844 !
  • Do NOT ignore any safety recalls

  • Lastly, do not ignore safety recalls. Car manufacturers issue safety recalls because they may have found a problem regarding the specific car model. You have to take this seriously!
  • According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), common recalls happen when tires explode or gas pedals self-accelerate. Most of the safety recalls are reported on TV so you will probably hear of it, or perhaps, the manufacturer will get in touch with you.
  • You can always do your research and look it up online. See if you read about outstanding recalls on specific car models. If your lucky, the car manufacturer will shoulder the expenses. You could also be eligible for reimbursements so keep all the necessary paperwork and receipts if ever you need them in the future.