Car Mods that You Should NOT Do (Part 1)

Modifying your vehicle can change its look and style, and some add enhancements to upgrade the performance. Whatever your reason, for sure, it’s amusing to see achieve a new look through modification. However, don’t carelessly overdo it because you may affect the car’s safety and handling.

In order to avoid complications in the future, I am here to warn you about the 5 things you should not do when modifying your favorite ride.

  • DO not add car parts that are not manufacturer approved

For most people, one of the main reason of modifying a car is have that new look. Even though your car is pretty old, modifying it will make it look new, adding new tires, wheels, and so on.

Sporting a new look is fine as long as it does not hinder the excellent driving experience. For example, you saw a new brake kit, and you thought adding will make your car similar to a race car. No, you can’t just get a new suspension, and plug it in your car. It does not work that because you have to consider the safety first. Perhaps, it will improve the performance, but what if it will also affect the safety of the vehicle?

Moreover, if you want a new set of wheels and tires, check if the car manufacturer carries the same brand. There should be a clearance especially when you are considering changing the suspension or brakes. If you haphazardly install it without checking, you could end up not liking the outcome. Plus, you could compromise the safety and integrity of the vehicle.closeup photography of grey car

  • Do not switch to headlights that are not yellow or white

Please be considerate of the other motors because if you decide to install, let’s say, green lights, this color is glaring at night. You will put other people’s lives at risk. You are not the only citizen in this country who will drive the roads at night. So, if you wake up one day and decide to stand out from the crowd, do not try to install headlights with a different color. Aside from the usual color of yellow or white, no other color will be acceptable.

When you come across other vehicles, for sure, they will not like seeing your lights in red. It will definitely cause an eye strain on whoever is on the opposite end of the road. Not to mention, you will also gain unwanted attention people around particularly the cops.

You get in serious trouble when your headlights are not white or yellow light, meaning you will get sued. It is illegal to install another color, and only the colors white and yellow are allowed, unless you are issued a special permit by the Department of Motor Vehicles. More on: Car Moods You Should NOT Do (Part 2)

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