Car Mods that You Should NOT Do (Part 2)

Previously, I discussed 2 mods in Car Mods that You Should NOT Do (Part 1). Today, I will like to continue on the topic, and share 3 more car mods that you should not apply on your vehicle.

  • Do NOT attempt to hide or remove your license plateblue and white car license plate

Whatever changes you want to apply on the auto body, do it. You can change the color or apply some automotive refinish. Perhaps, you want to install a darker set of window tints. Go ahead, but do not obstruct the view of your license plate. Additionally, you should not change the position of your number plates, moving it to an area where it is hard to decipher.

The license plate placement must be followed whether you applied many modifications or not. Along with the right placement, you should also use the standard typeface and size. Keep the license plate in place, and make sure no modification is hampering the view.

  • No to extremely loud exhaust please

One of the usual modifications you will see is a bigger and bulkier exhaust. Yes, it may look cool, but you should know that these mods can be loud. It will definitely turn heads the moment you pass by because it will make a blaring noise. So, please check the rules and regulations of noisy exhaust in your area. You could get in trouble and may cost you a hefty amount of money for paying the fine.

When buying an exhaust, make sure it approved the administering body and have complied the state laws regarding road noise. Removing the silencer in your exhaust could also be prohibited. Be sure to not make the exhaust louder than it should.

  • No to TV screens and other things to distract the driver

Maybe you want to relax while on a roadtrip, but be sure you aren’t distracting the driver. For some cars with built-in TV, this in-car entertainment is behind the driver’s seat because anything that is moving can potentially distract the driver. Instead of focusing on the road, the driver glances at the TV for a few seconds. Then, the next thing you know, the car crashed. So, no to anything that can distract the driver.

If you want to install a TV, screens should be in the back. Nothing should be right in front of the driver, and distract his sight. Any moving object or image can be considered distracted driving. Therefore, it is illegal. Refer to A List of Car Modifications NOT Allowed in the U.S. (Part 1) for more details.

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