Car Repair Scams You Should Know About (Part 1)

Repair complaints have been a part of customer grievances. In fact, many of the complaints has to do with car repair. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), consumers waste away billions dollars annually because of car repairs scams.

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Before you become the next victim, you should be aware of the most common car repair scams out there. Hopefully, by informing you about these scams, you will not be victimize by dishonest car repair shops.

Highway Bandits

  • This is probably the oldest scam, but it sure works! Many still fall victim of this strategy. Often times, these bandits work for service stations. Once they see an unsuspecting motorist, who stops for gasoline or water, they start to plan their robbery.
  • For instance, these highway bandits could stage that oil is dripping from your car. They can easily tell you that the oil drip came from your vehicle.
  • Another strategy is to punctured tires or cut hoses. With these minor inconveniences, you would be able to travel far. You would be forced to need their help, and these bandits would sell you car parts for a not-so-cheap price. They will capitalize on the possible danger you will encountering on the streets. If you are fearful and afraid, it’s easy to fall prey for these schemes.

Car Maintenance or Check-ups

  • Other times, repair shops lure people in with freebies or cheap prices. For instance, they will promote a free maintenance check-up. Once you go for the bait, they will create “problems” for you that was not even there!
  • Unethical repair shops will use this chance to deceive their customers. A typical oil change can escalate into an extensive car repair. In fact, some shops will even deliberately cause damage during car maintenance and check-ups to raise the bill.

Used Car Parts Instead of New Replacements

  • The repair need could be legit, but it is in the car parts where you will have a problem. Dishonest mechanics could charge you for a part that was not needed or not used. Moreover, you will be asked to pay for the labor of that car part. A double whammy!
  • In other instances, there’s a switching of parts happening. You paid for a new part, but then, you received a used part instead. To avoid a switcheroo, ask for the damaged car part back. Even if it is old and unusable, this ensures that your car was indeed replaced with a new part. This can attest that your mechanic is honest with the repair.

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More information about other repair scams will be discussed on Car Repair Scams You Should Know About (Part 2)