Car Repair Scams You Should Know About (Part 2)

In Car Repair Scams You Should Know About (Part 1), I have already discussed 3 of the most common repair scams. For this post, I will explain to you 3 more schemes that you should be aware of.

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As car technologies evolve, scammers also adapt with the changing times. Read the car repair schemes mentioned below in order to avoid possible complications.

Verbal Estimates

  • Motorist, who do not ask for written estimates, are the easy targets of this scam. Once they pick up their car at the repair shop, they will shocked how staggering their total bill is.
  • The problem happens when the quote does not coincide with the actual price. At first, the repair quote seems acceptable, but after the repair, the customer finds that that bill is now different from the initial quote.
  • In defense to the shop, they could have found additional problems on the car. However, some shops intentionally leave certain items blank so that they can add more items to the list. Then, ask for inflated prices. Pay for what has been agreed upon, and you can only do this once you ask for a written estimate.

Vague Representation of Repair Needs

  • As modern technologies continue to evolve, people can’t keep up at all times. Automobiles have become intricate machines. Your average driver will have a hard time understanding their vehicle. Will I need this repair immediately or not? This can be a chance for opportunists — such as repair shops — to take advantage of the unsuspecting customers.
  • If ever you are having a hard time deciding whether to repair your vehicle or not, do not immediately agree on the offer. Let the mechanic explain the problem, and if you find it too overwhelming, please ask for a second opinion or even a third opinion.

Counterfeit Car Parts

  • To cut the repair costs, some repair shops will use NEW parts, but they are fake products. In part 1, I warned you about used car parts. This time, car parts could be new, but counterfeit! You’ll pay for the price in full even if it’s not a high-quality product.
  • Counterfeit auto parts can put you in grave danger because their poor and inferior quality. Do not risk the lives of your family and friends! Always choose genuine parts. A + Plus Auto Glass only uses original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts when doing auto glass repairs and replacement.
  • I know detecting counterfeit parts can be extremely difficult because even the trademarks and seals are being copied. If you notice any suspicious car parts, report it to the state’s attorney general or the

Yes, car repairs can be complicated sometimes. Good thing, there are still a handful of trustworthy collision repair or glass repair shop such as A + Plus Auto Glass.

The auto glass and repair experts at A + Plus Auto Glass are ready to help. They are I-CAR certified mechanics, and only O.E.M. products are used at every repair. Moreover, car repairs at A + Plus Auto Glass has a Chip Protection Guarantee, which means A + Plus Auto Glass will repair any chip just as long as you are the certified owner of the vehicle.

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