My Car to Started Vibrating…. What Could Be the Reason?

For years, your car is just fine… and suddenly, you feel a vibration whenever you use it. Plus, driving seems rough now, and there’s something not quite right. Then, the vibrations get annoying. You start to worry that you get encounter problems in the middle of nowhere. So, you start to figure out what could be the issue here.

Man Fixing Vehicle Engine

Look, I’m telling you that when a vehicle starts shaking, it is a bad sign. There could many reasons why your car is now vibrating, and here are 5 of them:

  • Worn Out Car Motor Mounts – It is also called engine mounts. This keeps the engine to the chassis. The motor mounts is usually made up of rubber and metal, and these materials can be damaged after a while. Over time, there is nothing that holds the chassis and the engine. So, the rubber cushion ceases to absorb the vibrations. That’s when you notice that irritating vibrating sound when you drive!
  • Having a Bent Axle – The power of your engine goes to the driveshaft into the axle and wheels. Usually, a bent axle happens when you did not see the pothole and you just speed up through it. Next time, be careful when hitting a pothole because it could start the vibrations.
  • Trouble in Your Car’s Engine – A vehicle that quivers or jolts when you accelerate, and has this sharp and abrupt shaking when you are at a particular speed. Perhaps, your car starts out great, and then, it starts shaking moments later. All these signs point to an engine trouble. This could be from a defective spark plug, a blocked air filter, or could be even worse. 
  • Steering Components Getting Old – A new car feels smooth and responsive to the slightest maneuver, right? It is because the steering components are still perfectly fine. However, these things can become worn. Like other car parts, the steering components get damaged over time. In addition, the steering wheel involves numerous moving parts, and when any of those pieces get old, you will really feel vibrations.
  • Car Brake Problems – Are the vibrations apparent when you apply the brakes, or does it feel worse when you do? If yes, then you could be dealing with a damaged brake rotor. You see, the car brake rotors will eventually be out of shape after years of usage. If this happens, the brake pads also aren’t functioning properly. This ain’t just a simple vibration issue, but it could put you in grave danger!

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