Car window not opening? Broken auto glass could be the problem

Have you been struggling to roll up one of your vehicle’s side windows recently? If so it may not be a problem with the rolling device or with your car’s door. The problem could be the window itself.

Car windows can crack out of sight

There’s more to your vehicle’s side windows than meets the eye. Parts of the window will never be seen by anyone but the manufacturers who put the windows into the car and auto glass experts who work on the windows. That’s because a portion of the window is hidden on each side. This is covered by part of the door frame to keep the window in place and to allow it to roll up and down. This is great until a part of that hidden piece of the window gets broken. The slightest chip or crack can stop the window from rolling up or down, or working at all. Worst of all, it can be almost impossible to diagnose unless you know what you are looking for.


If you are having trouble with your car window and you can’t see anything else wrong, whatever you do don’t try to force the window. This will only make it worse and damage the window and the door further.


Instead, bring your car into a trained auto glass center like A+ Plus Auto Glass. Our team will be able to remove the panel, inspect the window and see if it is cracked or damaged. If it is, we can repair or replace the window right then and there and have you on your way the same day.


How you can tell if you have a broken car window

If you think your car’s window may be broken, here’s how you can tell.


  • Can you hear a scraping noise when you open or close the window? This could be caused by a tiny chip that is scraping on the metal frame when it moves
  • Does the window stop when you try and open or close it? This could be caused by a fragment of glass that has got lodged in the crack and is blocking the window
  • Does the window wobble in its frame as you move it? This could mean that a large part of the window is broken making it unstable.


If any of these scenarios are happening to you, then bring your vehicle into a trusted auto glass repair shop like A+ Plus Auto Glass immediately. Don’t think that you can leave your broken window alone. There are two key reasons why you should fix your broken side window. For one, there is a good chance that your insurer will pay for the repairs. But it could also be a safety hazard. You never know when you may need to completely open the window of your vehicle. So why risk it? Get your side window repaired today at A+ Plus Auto Glass.