How to Care for Your New Windshield

After getting your damage windshield repaired, you must protect it from now on. This will help you prevent expensive repairs while keeping you safe while driving. To ensure that your auto glass will remain in good shape, you should try the following tips:

Don’t drive yet

Right after the replacement of your windshield, avoid the urge to take your car for a test drive. Let your car sit for an hour after the replacement to allow the urethane to stiffen. If you don’t need your car right away, it’s best to let it dry for a few hours. This way, your windshield will be fully installed.

Never use power washers

If your car gets dirty a day or two after the windshield replacement, avoid power washing any glass. Power washers will cause the adhesive and mold to shift, which will damage the installation. Worse, you will notice leaks along the windshield adhesion area.

So a day or two after installation, hand washing is advisable. If you are washing your windshield, you should avoid scrubbing it too much.

Crack a window open

Intense air pressure will exert unnecessary force on the seal of your windshield. So while you wait for the adhesive to dry, you must crack a window. This will keep the pressure balanced inside and outside the vehicle.

Let the adhesives settle first

At all costs, avoid removing the retention tape unless the adhesive has finally settled. This will keep the molding in place and it will allow the adhesive to dry in the proper place. The tape could ruin the look of your vehicle, but it’s worth the pain for a day or two. Removing this will only do more harm than help.

Keep it clean

As much as possible, don’t expose your car to intense dirt as the adhesive dries. Since you can’t apply abrasive cleaning or enter drive-thru car washes, you should only perform mild cleaning on the first few days.

A good wipe using a microfiber cloth should be enough to remove the dust and dirt on the surface.

Avoid slamming the doors

Most of all, avoid slamming your doors. This intense pressure will shake your auto glass, which will make the adhesive or glass to shift. Aside from slamming doors, you should also avoid bumpy roads on the first two days after the windshield replacement.

Park it in a covered spot

Avoid parking under direct sunlight or snow after the windshield replacement. Aside from dodging intense temperatures, covered parking will also prevent falling objects from damaging your new glass.

You shouldn’t use your sun shade or dash mat within 48 hours, either. These two accessories will exert force on your windshield, which is something you want to avoid.

Final words

Your windshield protects you from outdoor elements while driving. But for it to function optimally, you should keep it safe on the first days after the replacement. This will allow the adhesive to dry properly so it will hold the glass in the right place. Most of all, protecting your new windshield will save you from a premature visit to an auto shop.