What Could Have Caused my Cracked Windshield?

So you just finished a tiring day at work. You walk to your car only to discover cracks on your windshield. The first thing that will come to mind will be what happened and what caused the glass to crack. In an outdoor setting, a lot of things can cause such damage. Still, the following are the most common causes of cracked windshields and auto glass.

Tree-related causes

If you parked under a tree, it’s possible that something has fallen off it and caused damage to the windshield. Nuts, branches, animals, and other debris that come off the tree will land on the glass and cause cracks. Depending on the size of it, some can even make a huge dent on the hood.


During hailstorms, expect that your windshield will bear the brunt of nature. Large pieces of hail will go crashing into your windshield. And if you’re driving at high speeds, the impact will be much stronger.

If you got caught in a hailstorm, try to drive as slow as possible or look for a place where you can seek shade. Aside from your windshield, hail will also cause dents to the body of your vehicle.

Sudden change in pressure

Extremely different air pressures in the exterior and interior of your windshield may trigger cracks. This is more evident if there are tiny dents already present on the glass.

Super high speeds will also damage your windshield as much as applying intense pressure on the surface. Also, if something exploded near your car, the blast waves may send your auto glass cracking.

Temperature shift

If you park under direct sunlight, your car will be exposed to intense heat. And as the glass expands at different rates, your windshield will likely suffer cracks all over. This will worsen if you slam the car door or encounter a steep curve while driving.

Stray objects

A Frisbee from a nearby park, a ball some kids are playing with, and other stray objects that have gone airborne can damage your windshield. The damage is usually unintentional and some may have the good heart to leave their contact number tucked under your wiper.

If you’re parking near a crowded place or near a housing complex, it’s more likely that your windshield will be exposed to this kind of damage.

Weak glass

It’s also possible that your windshield has already gone weak. Some low-quality windshields tend to crack faster, even at a moderate exposure to intense temperature or pressure.

Construction vehicles passing by

Construction vehicles will carry pebbles, rocks, gravel, and dirt that could come off as it drives. If you’re unlucky, it will pass just in time for some rocks to drop into your car. To prevent this, try to park at a distance from the nearest driving lanes.

Final words

Windshield cracks can be due to a lot of things. But whatever the cause is, it always calls for professional repairs or replacements. It could cost you a fee, but it restores the safety of your vehicle, especially if driving in long distances.