How A Chip Impacts The Price Of Your Car

A practical car owner considers a vehicle to be an investment, not a commodity. Much like a home or property, you can sell a used car for a hefty sum.

Its resale value will depend on several factors, including the model and make, how old it is, what condition it is in, and who is buying it. Among the things that could affect the price of your car (believe it or not) is a chipped windshield.


What’s this fuss about a chipped windshield?

You’re probably wondering how chips can have such a huge impact and affect a car’s value. So before anything else, let’s try to understand why this is.

  • First of all, windshields play an important role in the safety of a car’s passengers.
  • It shields against dust, rain, and other elements which could impede your vision.
  • It also protects against hard objects such as rocks which might cause injury.
  • Moreover, the windshield helps keep the vehicle’s body intact during a head-on collision, allowing room for airbags to deploy.

Windshields are unfortunately costly to replace. Those typically sold in markets are made of not one, but two layers of tempered glass which have been fused and hardened with heat. And we all know that tempered glass can be quite expensive compared to ordinary glass.

According to the National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA), it costs an average of $99 to repair a windshield and $350 to replace it. Of course, prices can go for much higher if the windshield is tinted and/or equipped with sensors, or if you own a luxury vehicle.

A chipped windshield makes a car less safe to drive in. The damage, though it may seem minimal, will only worsen and turn into massive cracks over time. It will need repairs or replacement, depending on the size and gravity of chipping. Given the safety risks and possible expenses, it’s perfectly understandable why a chip would affect your car’s overall value.

Now, let’s find out how its sale value depends on who you are selling to.


Selling to a private buyer

One option is to sell directly to a buyer. Most buyers are aware that cars sold privately will have issues and are willing to pay for repairs out of their pockets. Some will try to haggle for lower prices considering the expense they have to shoe in – others won’t.

A chipped windshield may or may not affect the value of your car. If you’re unable to find buyers because of the chip, consider having the windshield replaced. But if you find someone who will buy your vehicle as is (and the price is right), then there’s no need to replace it.


Selling or trading with a dealer

Another option is to sell your vehicle to a dealer or trade it in with another car. Whichever you choose, expect the dealer to offer a lower price. The chip will affect your car’s price since the dealer would have to replace the windshield. It would be best to have it replaced yourself before you approach a dealer.