How to Clean the Inside of Your Car Windshield

Are you finding it hard to see the road? If the inside of your windshield is dirty, it’s time for a clean. Taking the time to polish the inside of your windshield every now and then to remove grime and dirt will give you a better view of the road. As a result, it will prevent the chance of accidents. Not only that but your car’s defroster will work better and allow you to get rid of condensation quicker and easier.

Why Does My Windshield Get So Gross?

There are several causes of a grimy windshield. These include fingerprints, noses, smoke, dirt and dust from the road. Car off-gassing is one of the biggest reasons, however. That amazing new car smell is plastic and vinyl interior components that can smear your windshield. These wear off as the materials break down. When they break down they become trapped in the car and will leave an oily residue on your windshield. If you use oil-based cleaners on your dashboard, it will make the issue worse.

How to Clean the Inside of Your Car Windshield:

Here are the steps you need to take to clean the inside of your windshield:

  • Mix a solution of half alcohol and half water in a spray bottle
  • You can also use an auto-glass cleaner if you want to buy a ready-made solution
  • Get into your passenger seat as it offers easier access
  • Wipe down the glass with a microfiber towel
  • Use a different towel to degrease the glass
  • Spray the glass with your solution and use another clean cloth to wipe the solution in circles over the glass
  • Keep rubbing until your glass is completely clean and completely dry
  • If you leave the glass wet then streaks will occur
  • Wash your car windhsield after washing everything else. It is the last thing you should do.
  • Do the entire process in the shade if possible to ensure the solution doesn’t dry too quickly.
  • Make sure you only use clean cloths


Make Sure Your Sparkling Windows Last

You want to make sure your windows are kept as clean as possible so you don’t have to do this whole rigamarole any time in the near future. This is easily done by keeping your car cool and making sure all gasses have an escape route. Make sure to park your car in the shade so that it remains cool as much as possible. If you have a garage, make sure that you use it. You can prevent off-gassing by opening your windows a little bit to let fresh air in and let contaminants out.


If you have a dirty, chipped or cracked windshield, the team at A+ Plus Auto Glass is here to help. We can quickly and effectively repair and replace all auto glass and get you back on the road the same day. It doesn’t matter how badly damaged your windshield is, our experts can fix it or replace it.