It’s Cold Outside… and My Car Won’t Start! (Part 2)

Previously, I talked about battery-related problems. Before I proceed, here are some reminders to my next point:

  • Check if there are any devices left plugged in. This includes chargers and mobile accessories.
  • If it’s really cold outside, park your car inside the garage.
  • Take time to test your battery especially if it is more than 3 years since you bought it.

Now, let’s go to the car alternator problems. The alternator serves as a generator that charges the battery when the engine is running. If you acquired a new battery and it keeps getting drained, the alternator is usually the one to be blamed.white sedan on snow covered ground

Alternator problems: what are the symptoms?

If you jump start your car and then the engine dies, this is surely the alternator’s fault.

Another sign to watch out for is that the lights flickering. So, look at your headlights and dashboard for any obvious symptoms. Next, check if you notice any burning smell filtering or the if the gauges are moving erratically.

What are the solutions for a faulty alternator?

Your car’s alternator is linked to the battery and the engine. So, don’t try to be brave and fix it yourself. Unless you are a mechanic, you should not attempt replacing the alternator.

If you found a good mechanic, replacing it won’t take 2 hours. An alternator is easy to replace and easy to find; just ask a reliable repair expert.

Starter motor

  • The starter motor uses the electricity from the car’s battery to bring life to the engine.
  • Nowadays, cars are equipped with stronger starter motors. Since modern cars have a stop-start system, it relies on the starter motor to power the engine.

Starter motor problems

  • Typically, a broken starter motor can be noticed if you hear a sound. If you the ignition key,  there should be a clicking sound. Then, your car won’t start.
  • If the exterior and interior lights are functioning well, this could point to a problem on the starter motor. Moreover, if the electronic devices in your car are working fine, then, it’s not the battery, but the starter motor.
  • Even as simple as jump starting will not work because the starter motor is defective.

How to fix a starter motor?

Like the alternator, replacing a starter motor is a tasked delegated to a repair expert only.

Both are inexpensive and easy to do… BUT leave it to the experts, okay?

Before I end this post, here’s a bonus tip for you:

  • If ever you find it hard to get into your car during a cold weather, these tips could help you. 1) Apply a silicone-based polish on the rubber door seals of your car. This will prevent the doors from sticking when the temperature lowers. Additionally, use a cloth when you apply the polish because spraying the polish could ruin your car’s coating.
  • 2) If the doors are frozen shut, warn your key before you attempt to open the doors. Injecting the door lock with anti-freeze could also help. If all else fails, get a can of WD40 and spray it on the affected area.

Next, I will discuss the fuel system problems. So, make sure to keep an eye on It’s Cold Outside… and My Car Won’t Start! (Part 3)