Common Auto Glass Scams You Need to Look Out For

The auto glass industry is a pretty good industry as a whole. But like any industry, there are a few scams that try to separate customers from their money. Some are tricky and difficult to spot. Still, with the right knowledge, you can avoid these scams and you can save yourself from the hassle. Next time that you need auto glass repairs, avoid falling for these scams:

Unnecessary maintenance 

Some shady auto shops will tell you that your windshield needs maintenance and to leave your car with them overnight. Little do you know, no such maintenance that will take place. Others will also try to sell you into additional services such as waxing or other repairs, even if your car is in good shape.

Since many car owners are not knowledgeable enough about their vehicles, it can be easy to fall victim to this kind of scam.

The self-proclaimed pro

So you’re in the parking lot when someone approaches you and tells you that your windshield needs repairs. The guy is an unmarked salesperson who claims to know a pro that can repair your auto glass for a low price.

Although the repairs will be done, the quality is usually substandard. Worse, the so-called pro will charge you excessive fees. It’s a double whammy: you lose a lot of money and your windshield will probably need further repairs.

Asking you to replace even if repairs can be done

Sometimes, this isn’t always a deliberate scam. Other technicians aren’t knowledgeable enough that they recommend a full auto glass replacement even if repairs can be done to solve the problem. If you are in doubt, you can always consult with several auto glass shops.

After confirming the necessary repairs for your auto glass, look for the auto shop that provides honest and transparent service. You should never hesitate to ask questions since your money and car is at stake.

Forcing you to avail a specific auto glass brand

Some auto shops who have partnered with brands will try to sell you into the auto glass they are endorsing. They may mean well, especially if the auto glass has excellent quality. However, it’s always best to opt for OEM if the cost doesn’t have much difference.

Always be smart when it comes to car repairs. It doesn’t hurt to look into other options, but take a step back if your auto shop is forcing you to avail of a specific brand.


This is quite common among shady shops. Some will try to inflate the price and make it look legitimate. Take note that it’s normal for shops to have varying glass repair estimates. However, there’s also a fine line between a reasonable estimate and dubious fees.

Always ask for the breakdown of the cost and what materials will be used for your vehicle. Usually, this will reveal a lot about the attempt to overcharge you for the auto glass repairs.

Final words 

When it comes to auto glass scams, being smart and informed are the key to prevent yourself from being the next victim. Ask the right questions and always shop around for estimates.