The most common problems with rear windshields

Rear windshields are a much bigger blessing than you give them credit for. It’s easy to appreciate how your front windshield protects you every time you drive. If it wasn’t there your entire face would be at risk. But it’s much harder to appreciate how your rear windshield protects you—but it does. Just like your front windshield it protects you from dirt and debris on the road, it protects you from the elements like wind and rain, and it also protects you in an accident.


But rear windshields are not without their faults. And in this article, we are going to look at the most common problems with rear windshields, including how difficult they can be to replace, how repairs are not always possible and how they can leak even when they aren’t chipped.


Rear windshields are difficult to replace

Rear windshields aren’t like front windshields. They are made of different types of glass and they are fitted in different ways. Whereas a front windshield can be slotted into placed and then sealed fairly easily by a team of two trained technicians, a rear windshield is a little bit more complicated. That’s because most modern cars having heating systems built into rear windshields so that they can be defrosted easily in winter. That means there are dozens of tiny and delicate connections that have to be replicated around the edge of the glass whenever it is replaced. This takes a lot longer to fix and will cost more.


Rear windshields may not be able to be repaired

In most cases, front windshields can be quickly and easily repaired as long the chip is not large. Again, this isn’t the case with rear windshields because of the defrosting technology that is in the glass. If the chip occurs on one of these lines that run through the window, it may not be possible to use resin to stop the gap. When this happens, only a replacement is possible.


Rear windshields can leak

Rear windshields can leak. While this is rare it can happen for a number of reasons such as a weak seal or rust. If you can hear air coming through your rear windshield then you probably have a leak and there’s a good chance water is coming through, too. You’ll need to get the issue fixed as soon as possible.


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