The most common reasons people don’t repair their auto glass immediately

Drivers get chips in their windshields every day. Sometimes it’s through vandalism, sometimes it’s because of the weather and sometimes it’s because a piece of debris has hit the glass. No matter how it happened, however, the chip needs to be fixed immediately.

Unfortunately, that’s not the attitude of most drivers. Most drivers take their time getting their windshield fixed. This happens for a number of reasons and today we look at the top reasons why people wait to get their windshield repaired.


It’s a hassle

People are busy. Going to an auto glass shop to get a windshield repaired — however quick it takes — is an inconvenience that many people don’t want to deal with. Maybe they don’t have time or maybe they’d rather do something, anything else. It’s easy and understandable to put off getting a chip fixed, especially when it seems so small an innocuous. Unfortunately, the longer you leave it, the bigger hassle it will become. You’re not putting something off, you’re making it worse.


It’s a waste of time

Getting a chip repaired is often considered a waste of time by a lot of people. If drivers don’t understand the damage that a chip can cause, they don’t value the repair process. Why bother getting a tiny chip repaired if you don’t realize that it’s going to become a huge problem by leaving it? Everyone thinks their time is valuable and often getting a chip repaired is not considered a good use of time.


It’s too expensive

If people have never got a windshield chip repaired before, they can wrongly think that it is too expensive to deal with. Money can be tight and often people think they have better things to spend their money like groceries and gas rather than ‘waste’ money getting a tiny insignificant chip repaired, especially when it isn’t affecting their driving. Of course, the longer you leave it, the more expensive it will become.


It’s not going to get any worse

Many of our customers have told us that they simply don’t bother getting their chip repaired quickly because they don’t believe it can get any worse. They don’t realize that a chip can quickly turn into a crack — and far quicker than they realize.


It’s not dangerous to leave it

What harm is a tiny little crack going to do? That’s the attitude a lot of people have about chipped windshields. They don’t think a chip can do any harm, especially if they can still see the road. Of course, the reality is that a chip can make it much more likely that your windshield will shatter in an accident, putting you and your passengers in serious harm.

Don’t use one of these excuses the next time you notice a chip. Get it repaired quickly and cheaply by your nearest auto glass repair shop.