Compile Your Own Emergency Kit for Your Car

Whether it’s the new year or it’s the middle middle of cold winter night, it is always great to prepare for road emergencies. Do not go out and take a long trip without some helpful emergency kit in your trunk. In the end, it’s always better to prepare ahead than to regret.

So, what should you put in this handy dandy emergency kit? Today, I will help you compile your kit and you can quickly store them in the trunk of your car. You can follow them all, or you can also improvised it to your own liking.

A flashlight is a must.

First item on the list should be a flashlight because this will help you see hard-to-reach areas of your car. I do have to note that you can go for the standard models, but invest on heavy duty flashlights. Choose a torch with LED lights to ensure the brightness, and with lithium batteries to guarantee a longer shelf life. It’s going to be such a shame if you have one flashlight ready, but it ran out of batteries that moment you need one! So, avoid the typical sets, and if you do get one because it’s cheap, be sure to always carry a fresh set of batteries as well!

Emergency tool kits

There are also emergency kits being sold in containers and is prepackaged so that you won’t have to make your own. However, you won’t have the liberty to choose the tools you really need in times of emergencies. If you compile your own, of course, you can choose higher quality products. Basically, you will not need a lot of tools; a few essentials like the following will do:

  • A pair of pliers
  • A small hammer
  • Screwdrivers in various sizes
  • An adjustable wrench
  • Vise-grips and wire cutters (preferably with a wire stripping option)
  • A handy pocketknifered and white x logo

If have more storage, you can add into the bag spare fuses, electrical tapes, amd electrical wires. Put all these things in your unused sports bag, and store them in your car.

First aid kit

Now that you have the different tools, don’t forget an emergency supply for yourself. Get a portable first aid kit that will treat minor cuts and scrapes. A first aid kit that’s ideal for travel will not cost you a fortune. There are compact first aid kits available online from $12 to $25. These all-purpose first aid kits can help remedy minor emergencies while waiting for the first responders. If you can’t buy online, you can also find a good first aid kit at stores that sell hiking and camping gear.

Fire extinguisher

What are the other emergencies you can experience on the road? Well, there are also car fires. I have talked about the most common causes of car fires on a separate post.

An ideal fire extinguisher to keep is the 2.5-pound ones. Make sure to also get a good quick-release mount for the fire extinguisher because you would not want to hear a constant rattling sound while driving. Trust me on this!