Credentials Every Auto Body Shop Should Have

Whenever you bring your car to an auto shop, the first thing you should check is how skilled the technicians are. Regardless if your insurer suggested the company, you have the freedom to choose which shop repairs your vehicle. Choosing the right auto shop is critical in getting the best repairs at a reasonable cost.

The following are some of the credentials that every auto shop should have:

I-CAR Certification

The I-CAR or Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair certification is one of the prestigious credentials that an auto shop can have. I-CAR is an organization that regulates and certifies both shops and technicians to ensure high-quality collision repairs.

Auto shops and technicians who carry this certification undergo continuing training to renew their certificates. The I-CAR also promotes the highest standards in collision repair, equipment, and methods. This is why shops and technicians who have this certification are highly qualified for the job.

AAA Approval

An auto shop can only meet the AAA or Automobile Association of America’s approval if they satisfy the stringent standards of the organization. AAA will test the shop to guarantee the highest quality of service as well as equipment efficiency.

AAA approval isn’t easy to earn and auto shops have to go through rigorous processes to secure one. The organization also recommends AAA shops to its members who are entitled to discounts and other special perks.

When checking for AAA approval, always look for the “Approved Auto Repair” sign outside of the auto shop.

ASE Technician Certification

This certification is for automotive professionals who will provide the repairs. Upon arriving at the auto shop, you can ask the technician if he or she is ASE-certified. If yes, that means that the technician has at least two years of work experience or an auto repair diploma with one year of work experience.

For the technician to secure this certificate, they have to undergo intensive testing of their skills and knowledge. It measures their competency in providing repair services as a freelance technician or as a part of an auto shop.

BBB Accreditation 

The Better Business Bureau Accreditation is a certification based on the online reviews and ratings of the BBB platform.

BBB is a common resource for individuals who want to check a specific business’s credibility. An accredited business would have a corresponding rating based on verified customer reviews. Still, this accrediting platform deals with almost all types of industries and not exclusive to auto repairs alone.


An auto shop should always bear the right credentials before they can provide repair services. It’s a guarantee on your part that the shop handles your vehicle properly. Auto shops should also pair such credentials with protection against liabilities.

Checking the credentials of auto shops allows you to shop around and compare your options. Some of these highly competent shops may charge a higher fee, but your car will receive the best repairs.