Why It’s Critical To Fix Your Rear Windshield

Ask any driver about the front windshield, and they can give you plenty of reasons why it needs to be in good shape. As for the rear windscreen? Not so much.

Most car owners overlook the value of the rear windshield – maybe because it’s literally at the back of their heads. Some may argue that it’s not as important. Fixing or replacing it isn’t urgent, or so they say.

Mind you, none of these claims are true.

Your rear windshield deserves just as much attention as its front-facing counterpart. It has to be fixed or replaced whenever needed, and shouldn’t be made to wait. Today, we’re giving you five reasons why you should fix a damaged rear window as soon as possible.


1. Prevents accidents

The rear windshield enables you to view the back of your car. You get to see vehicles tailing behind you on the road. If someone is driving too near or too fast, or if you want to switch lanes, you can act accordingly.

When driving in reverse (such as parking or backing up), you’ll know if there are pedestrians, vehicles, or objects in the way. This should give you ample room to step on the brakes so you don’t hit them. Having a clear, uninterrupted view of the back will help you avoid rear-end accidents.


2. Protects against elements

Much like every other car window, the rear windshield seals off your vehicle from the outside world. It keeps passengers and the interior safe from rain, snow, and other elements that would make traveling unpleasant or unsafe, or cause damage to the contents of your vehicle.


3. Offers complete visibility

Have you ever noticed how the mirrors are all faced towards the back? Even the mirror on your rear windshield (if you happen to have one) points directly at it. The reason behind this is that your rear window provides what the front windshield can’t do alone. And that is to give you complete visibility of what goes on around you.


4. Minimizes risks for damage and injury

The rear windshield is made of the same type of tempered glass found at the front of your vehicle. It shatters into small, grain-like chunks rather than shards should you get into an accident.

Together with the front windshield, it provides additional structural support so the roof doesn’t cave in or collapse during a collision. In turn, this prevents passengers from getting crushed and allows room for airbags to deploy.

Overall, your rear window is designed to reduce damage and risk of injury.


5. Keeps your belongings safe

Windshields are large enough to fit a body. Because of this, thieves and vandals often use them as entry points into a vehicle. It’s a good thing that the rear windshield is comprised of two layers of tempered glass, making it resistant to blunt force

It still breaks and cracks with enough impact. But unlike your side windows, it won’t give in completely thanks to the laminate holding the glass together. You can rest easy knowing that your personal belongings are safe inside the vehicle.