The Damage Potholes Do to Your Car

Potholes are unsightly and can also cause damage to your car. If you’re consistently exposing your vehicle to this uneven surface, it will cause expensive repairs. It may also damage the car’s undercarriage without you noticing. So before your car bears the brunt potholes, you might as well know the following damages that may occur:

Alignment problems

Due to the consistent pothole impact, your car will sustain steering issues. Also, you may notice an increase in vibrations. This will be unsafe for you and your passengers if not addressed early on.

Aside from that, you may need to replace your tires more frequently as the tread gets worn out unevenly. Also, you may experience more fatigue while driving, especially if you’re going for long distances.

If you notice any signs of alignment issues, it’s best to visit an auto body shop right away.

Tire issues

This is one of the common damages that may occur if your vehicle keeps on encountering potholes. You’ll notice faster and premature tread wear and tear. Also, you may notice uneven tread thinning, which can bend the rim of the tire over time.

Moreover, it will cause the air of tires to leak. So if you’re experiencing recurring flat tires, you may need to check if you’re passing through potholes a lot. Inspecting your car tires regularly will also help reduce the damages.

Suspension damages

The suspension of a vehicle is designed to absorb or reduce the impact of direct force. It’s the component responsible for cushioning the blow whenever you encounter potholes. It allows the car to bounce back without sustaining too much damage.

However, a constant encounter with potholes may cause premature damages to the suspension of your vehicle. Repeated jolts may cause the suspension to become less efficient, thus decreasing its performance.

The effect of potholes on your car’s suspension may not be noticeable right away. However, when it does show signs, the damage has been advanced.

Exhaust pipes damage 

Exhaust pipes are placed on the undercarriage of your car, making it prone to damages during pothole impacts. The pipe can sustain scrapes and even holes over time. This will lead to weird noises and loss of power if the exhaustion system has been damaged heavily.

So if you just had a major pothole impact, take the time to check the undercarriage of your car for potential damages. Having it repaired right away is the key.


Scrapes may look harmless at first, but they can deepen over time. When that happens, your car will experience rusting and a chain of issues.

Usually, scrapes are more of a cosmetic problem, but they can also branch out to expensive repairs. A sharp bump can cause things to fall apart in the undercarriage of your car.

Final words 

Potholes can cause serious damage to your car. If you encounter one, it’s best to conduct a quick check on your vehicle. If you notice damages, it’s best to get it repaired right away. Also, find a way to fix the pothole, especially if you pass through the path every day.