How To Defog Your Car Windows – Fast!

Fog can form on your car windows and impair your view in a matter of seconds. Unless you do something about it, you’ll be several moments away from an accident.

Defoggers can quickly get rid of the fog on your windshields, but not all cars have them pre-installed. Wiping the car windows with a dry rag seems like a good alternative, except it’s going to take time.

If you want to stay safe on the road, you want to remove the fog as quickly as possible. This involves a four-step process which you can follow religiously every time there is fogging:

  1. Turn up the heat.
  2. Switch the A/C on.
  3. Turn off air recirculation.
  4. Open your car windows.

How Fog Is Formed On Car Windows

Fog is created when cold air comes into contact with warm air. If it’s cold outside and your car heater is turned on, the contrasting temperatures will cause moisture in the car to condense and form fog inside your windows. If it’s warm outside and you turn the air conditioning (AC) on, fog can also form outside the windows.

Defogging Your Car Windows

The problem with fog is that it renders the driver and passengers blind. If you want to defog your car windows fast, you have to do something about the contrasting temperatures.

1. Turn up the heat. Put your car heater on full blast so that any moisture from your car’s interior is absorbed. Wait for a few minutes.
2. Switch the A/C on. This will help with the absorption of excess moisture. Again, leave it on for a few minutes.

3. Turn off air recirculation. It will help stabilize your car’s temperatures and speed up the defogging process.

4. Open your car windows. Don’t roll them down completely. Just leave a small opening at the top of each window. Do this for a few moments while the windshield defogs naturally. Once the windows are completely defogged, you can roll them back up.

Preventing Foggy Car Windows

Let’s take things a step further by avoiding foggy windows in the first place. You’ll need some products which you can buy at a local car store, such as:

Ammonia-free glass cleaner
Alcohol-based surface cleaner
Anti-fog solution
Microfiber towels

With these tips, you’ll be spared the trouble of having to defog the car windows while in the middle of a drive, which also poses a safety risk.

1. Clean the glass. Wipe down your car windows with a microfiber towel that’s slightly soaked in ammonia-free glass cleaner.

2. Degrease the windows. Spray the glass surface with an alcohol-based surface cleaner. Using a clean microfiber towel, wipe the glass to remove any oils and lubricants.

3. Apply anti-fog. Spray the micro-suede applicator with the anti-fog solution and use that to evenly apply the product from inside your car windows. Start with vertical strokes and finish off with horizontal strokes. After application, let the product dry as per manual instructions. This is usually around 2 to 5 minutes.

4. Buff the glass surface. Use a clean and dry microfiber towel.