The different types of auto repair services and professionals

There are many different auto repair services available to you when your car gets damaged. In fact, there are so many it can all get a bit confusing. It’s important that consumers understand the difference between each service and each professional providing it. Here’s a full breakdown of every kind of auto repair service that you could use and the people providing them.


Auto servicing and service technicians

These are the people who carry out routine servicing on your car or truck. This includes checking oil and fluid levels, electrical wiring and things like your lights and brakes. If there’s a problem with your vehicle, you can trust these guys to pick it up. Because problems can occur with your car, it’s worth taking your vehicle into a service center once a year.


Diagnostic technicians

Diagnostic technicians are a lot like service technicians. They are a little more specialized, however. Rather than fixing problems, they use specialist tools to diagnose underlying problems with your car. Typically, this will cover all of the things that you can’t see with the naked eye like electrical issues, your car’s ignition and the underlying technology that makes the car run. As vehicles are becoming more advanced, the importance of diagnostics is increasing.


Engine, brake and transmission experts

Some auto shops and technicians may specialize in checking and repairing your auto’s key systems like it’s engine, transmission, and brakes. All of these systems are critical to your car’s drivability and safety, meaning you can often pay a premium if you visit a specialist center.


Body repair centers

When your vehicle is involved in an accident, an auto body repair center will have it looking as good as new in an instant. Auto body repair centers are experts at repairing or replacing worn out or damaged body parts, as well as headlights and things like your car’s axels and steering system. If you’re involved in an accident you’ll almost certainly need to turn to an auto body repair center to repair your car’s cosmetic damage. In fact, these centers are the only place you should turn to.


Auto paint experts

Whether you are involved in an accident or just fancy getting a fresh coat of paint applied to your vehicle, auto paint experts are here to ensure your ride looks as fresh as possible. It’s not possible to apply auto paint yourself, so it’s always necessary to visit an expert. Even after an accident where paint has been scraped of your vehicle, these experts can match the color and have your vehicle looking as good as new.


Autoglass repair specialists

This is us — experts in repairing and replacing your vehicle’s glass. Whether it’s your windshield or windows, auto glass experts can safely and securely remove, repair and replace your auto glass. If you’ve been involved in an accident, it will almost always be necessary to have an auto glass specialist to replace your car’s glass. But replacement may not be necessary in other cases. If you notice a small chip, we can repair it quickly and cheaply without having to replace the entire windshield.