Don’t Cover Your Window with Plastic. Get It Repaired

Everyone has seen someone driving with plastic or tarpaulin covering a broken window. Perhaps you have even been guilty of it yourself. While this may seem like a quick fix for people in a hurry, there are many problems with using plastic to cover your window. Do it for a day by all means but make sure you get down to a trusted auto glass repair shop like A+ Plus Auto Glass as soon as you can. Here’s why you shouldn’t leave your windows covered in plastic for any longer than you have to.

It makes your car a huge target for theft

It doesn’t take a lot for a criminal to break into your car when all there is is a plastic sheet protecting it. Not only could this cost you all of the items that you have stored in your car, but it could also cost you your entire vehicle, too. If you ever leave your car on the street, plastic sheets simply won’t do as protection.


It doesn’t provide protection

Your car windows are there for a reason. They protect you and your passengers from any debris or flying objects that may hit the car. They also protect passengers in the event of a collision so that broken glass or metal doesn’t go into the car. Without them, passengers are completely unprotected. While plastic sheets may stop water from entering the vehicle, they will do little to stop debris, stones, metal or anything else sharp traveling at speed from hitting your passengers. Covering your windows with plastic is especially dangerous if you have children in the back seat. They are completely unable to protect themselves and having a sheet between them and danger simply isn’t good enough.


Plastic doesn’t stop the cold getting in

If you live or are driving somewhere that is cold, plastic sheets are going to offer little protection from the biting cold. While windows can be airtight meaning you can heat the car without worrying that the hot hair will dissipate, you’re unlikely going to be able to apply plastic in a way that makes it stop cold air from getting in or hot air from escaping. So not only are you going to be making passengers suffer through a cold, uncomfortable ride, you’re also going to waste gas by running the heater high to try and compensate.


Say no to plastic and yes to auto glass replacement

Many people apply plastic to their windows because they don’t think they are able to afford to have their auto glass replaced. But if you have insurance, this simply isn’t the case. Most insurers cover the cost of auto glass replacement, so you won’t have to spend a time to get the problem repaired for good. For more information on how we can help you replace your car window, get in touch with a member of our team today.