Driving Tips for Teens (Part 1)

If you have kids, it’s important to train them to be defensive drivers. Whether you admit it or not, most teens can be reckless and aggressive. However, when teen drive defensively, they will surely lower the chances of car crashes. Thus, it will enhance safety if they are behind the wheel.woman sitting inside car

Remember, even if you train your teenager to drive well, other people won’t. Some drivers speed up like the world is a video game. Meanwhile, others tend to be absent-minded. They are not paying attention because they are distracted with something else.

Yes, reckless driving can lead to accidents, which is the one of the leading causes of road crashes. However, distracted driving is way worse because people tend to multitask while on the road.

Nowadays, people tend to be answering calls, checking on their phones, eating snacks, or watching videos while driving. The actions of other people are something you can’t control, but applying defensive driving can help your teen avoid potential road accidents.

Practice Some Skills to Help You Be in Control

Before you let your teenager sit behind the wheel, there are some safety tips to remember.

  • Focus on the road.
    • You have to remind your teen that driving requires a lot of focus. It is a task that will need critical thinking. Once they are behind the wheel, there many things to consider such as the roads, the vehicle speed, the traffic signs, the road markings, and so on.
    • Teens need to devote all their might to be attentive and stay focused. This is the only way to ensure safety. Moreover, distractions will just aggravate the situation. So, they should avoid using their mobile phone, eating, or other activities.
    • At the end of the day, it’s not the teen’s fault. The problems lie when they become overconfident with their driving skills. Whether the driver is a teenager or an adult, you should always keep your eyes on the road.
  • Be alert at all times.
    • When one is alert, they can easily react to problems. For instance, drivers can step on the brakes quickly if the need arises.
    • If drivers are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, obviously, they won’t be able to react as fast as they can. Also, driving while you are drowsy is as dangerous as drunk driving. So, take a nap before heading on a roadtrip.

Knowing Your Driving Style

You can’t control how others drive, but you can always work on your driving skills. Car crashes are the notorious killer of teenagers.

Always watch out for other vehicles.  If you want your teen to be in control, they have to be aware of other drivers.

One needs to anticipate what the other vehicles might do at any given time, Then, adjust to this changes so it will lessen the chances of accidents and collisions.

Eight Tips to Better Driving

On the next post, I will share with you specific tips in order to drive defensively. For more safety tips, refer to Driving Tips for Teens (Part 2)!