Everything You Need to Know About Replacing a Side Window

Our cars play a significant role in our day to day activities. With increased mileage also comes wear and tear. Aside from the engine, your side windows will also bear the brunt of outdoor elements. Also, thieves may smash it to steal your valuables, especially if it’s left in the open.

So when you discovered your smashed side window, you need to get it repaired as soon as possible. But have you ever wondered how auto shops repair a ruined side window? Here’s a glimpse of the process that auto shops perform when replacing a side window glass.

Step 1. Removal of the door panel

The first step in replacing a shattered side window is to remove the door panel first. We will unscrew the parts that hold the panel while ensuring that nothing will be damaged.

Sometimes, if needed, we will also remove the door handle if it impedes the repair. Take note that this removal should be done properly so the panel will slide smoothly once we put it back.

Step 2. Removal of the shattered glass

Once we removed the door, the next step is to remove the damaged glass. First, we will remove the air barrier and the nuts that hold the glass.

After that, we will pull the glass. In the case of shattered windows, only a small part will be left within the door panel. For this, we wear thick gloves to prevent injury from the glass.

Step 3. Placing the replacement glass

Once we clear the door panel of any glass, it’s now time to replace it with a new one. Take note that you have the option to use OEM glass or an after-market version. If we are to choose, we recommend OEM since the brand’s warranty protects it, and it’s produced with the highest quality.

When placing the new side windows, we avoid applying too much force as it can shatter the new piece of glass. Also, make sure that the bottom inner seal was removed to slide the glass smoothly into place.

Step 4. Putting the door panel back

After putting the screws back and tightening the glass into the door panel, we will now put the panel back in the car.

Once attached to the car, we will re-apply the air barrier using a special adhesive. After that, we will put back every single screw the same way on how we took it off.

Step 5. Testing and inspection

After the side window glass is fully installed, we will now test for possible issues. We will simply use the door functions and ensure that there would be no labored operation or unusual sounds.

Depending on the glass you chose, we will provide warranty coverage for the installation. This way, you can go back to us should minor issues arise.

Wrapping up

Your side window is an important component of your car. If it gets shattered or damaged, immediate repairs are necessary. Also, trust only a reliable auto shop for the job to ensure that you’ll get the highest quality of work.