Everything You Need to Know about Wiper Fluid

Your car’s windshield does various functions like protecting you from the wind, cold, and rain; keeping away dust/dirt, small insects, and flies; and it also provides you clear visibility of the road you’re traversing. With the help of a windshield wiper, your windshield can be free from the unwanted stuff like road grime and insects. To achieve a much cleaner windshield, you can also use a special wiper fluid.


It is a specially formulated liquid that can help in keeping your car’s windshield free from things like dirt, grime, bugs, and even frost during winter. Wiper fluid usually consists of:

  • Alcohol
  • Cleaning products
  • Dye
  • Perfume composition
  • Solvent
  • Water

In other words, windshield wiper fluid is a type of detergent designed to combat all types of dirt on the windshield and provide the necessary visibility while driving. Aside from keeping away all types of dirt on the windshield, using wiper fluid can also provide you with the necessary visibility while driving.


person driving the car

It can be hard to choose what wiper fluid will work best for you. So here are tips that can help choose the right wiper fluid:

  • You should know what kind of climate you live in. If you happen to live in a place where temperatures do not usually drop below 0, you can try to use an all-season liquid or summer wiper fluid. On the other hand, if you live somewhere where it snows a lot, you should use winter wiper fluids.
  • Concentrate or ready-made? In terms of price, concentrates are much more profitable than ready-made wiper fluids. However, if you are uncertain how to dilute it in the proper ratio, you can choose to use the ready-made fluid instead since they are easier to use.


You might ask, does it matter what type of cleaning fluid I use? Short answer is, yes. It matters because every windshield cleaner is different from one another. Remember that it is very important to use the right liquid that is appropriate for the current weather or season.


This type of wiper fluid can be used throughout the year, no matter what the season is. Oftentimes, all season wiper fluid will be a concentrate. During summer, you can dilute it with the ratio of 1: 10 using distilled water. If it’s winter, you can use it without dilution.


Wiper fluids used during summer time have higher concentration of solvents and detergents and it’s usually alcohol-free. It’s best to use it when the temperature is at its peak because it works well in cleaning things like dirt/dust, insects, among others. Wiper fluids specifically developed for summer season cannot be used during winter because when the temperature drops to 0, it will freeze.


Wiper fluids used during winter contain alcohol, surfactants, dyes, and fragrances. With the help of the alcohol, it prevents the crystallization of the liquid. Unlike summer wiper fluids, fluids made for the winter season does not contain ingredients that can get rid of organic substances such as dust, dirt, and insects.

Aside from keeping the windshield clean, it is also important to check for windshield cracks and chips. At A+ PLUS AUTO GLASS, we value your safety so we will examine if your windshield is functioning as it should be. If you want to learn more about auto glass repair & replacement, contact A+ PLUS AUTO GLASS at 623-218-6844.