Expensive Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Your Auto Glass

Cleaning your auto glass isn’t as straightforward as you think it is. It’s easy to commit mistakes that will lead to expensive repairs if you’re not careful. Many DIY cleaning methods can cause more harm than good. We discussed several key points you should remember when cleaning your auto glass to prevent this from happening.

Using the wrong cleaning cloth.

Using a random towel in your house isn’t the best choice for your auto glass. It can leave streaks and tiny scratches that will make your glass look dull and blurry.

Also, you should never use paper towels. While they feel soft, paper towels are notorious for leaving scratches on car glasses. It will not easily show right away, but the damage will add up as you use the paper towel regularly.

Wiping the auto glass when it’s dry

Wiping dry auto glass may seem harmless, but it’s a big no-no. The dry auto glass has tiny particles on the surface. When you wipe it, the tiny particles will create minuscule scratches. Such scratches will make the auto glass cloudy no matter how much you try to clean it.

It’s best to wipe your auto glass right after washing it to prevent scratches. Also, you should use a microfiber or lint-free cloth.

Using home cleaning solutions haphazardly.

While DIY auto glass cleaning solutions work, it’s not always a smart choice. Using the wrong concoction can damage the seal of your windshield or the special coating of the glass.

Also, never use glass cleaners intended for home use. These products contain ammonia, which is damaging to auto glass.

Instead, you can use equal parts of distilled water and vinegar. You can also use isopropyl alcohol in place of vinegar. However, you should test the rubbing alcohol solution on a small part of your auto glass to ensure that it won’t cause discoloration.

Using regular soap

Another mistake drivers commonly commit is using detergent or regular soap when cleaning their auto glass. This is a big no because regular soap is too harsh and can strip the glass coating.

It’s the same reason why manufacturers recommend the use of cleaners formulated specifically for auto glass. While regular soap may appear to be cheaper, you’ll end up spending more on repairs.

Wiping fogged windows all the time

Fogged doesn’t always mean dirty. If you wipe too often while using the wrong cloth, your window glass will become cloudy. It’s best to use the defogger or defroster feature of your car instead of wiping.

Never use your hands to wipe off the fog from your auto glass. The oils and dirt from your hand will make the glass dirty and cloudy. In the end, you’ll also scratch your glass, which will create an expensive problem.


It’s important to protect your auto glass from damage to avoid expensive repairs. Remember that even simple mistakes can lead to costly damages. Instead of taking chances on DIY cleaners, you should invest in a product formulated specifically for vehicles. You should also use the right cleaning cloth and observe the proper timing for cleaning.