How the Experts Repair Windshields

Flying rocks and other foreign debris can cause immediate damage to your car’s windshield while you’re driving on the road. Once they impact the glass, they can leave behind chips, cracks, dents, or even break it. If you have a damaged windshield, you may be curious how an expert will repair it. Well, explore the three common methods that professionals use for repairing automobile windshields.


Using Windshield Patch

Windshield patches are generally available in do-it-yourself repair kits in the market. Experts rarely use this kind of windshield repair method as it isn’t the most effective option. If the glass has a chip or tiny crack, the professional will cut the patch to fit the size of the damage and then stick it on the area. He will then cure and smoothen the patch out, causing it to harden and thereby strengthening the damaged area. The patch won’t work its way down on the crack or strengthen the glass. It will only help hold the affected area together and stop the crack from growing.


Using Windshield Resin

Using windshield resin is a method that most experts use to repair chips and cracks on a vehicle’s windshield. It involves injecting resin on the chip or crack, heating the affected area, and then hardening the resin. In reaction to the heat, the resin expands and fills the chip or crack preventing it from spreading and helps strengthen the glass as well.


Replacing the Windshield

The last windshield glass repair method that professionals use involves replacing the windshield entirely. Not all chips or cracks are repairable, and in these instances, a replacement is the only viable solution. If a chip is bigger than a quarter dollar coin, using resin may not work. If it’s bigger than a dollar bill, it is beyond repair, and you should replace the glass with a new one. Also, if a chip or crack that already underwent repair continues to expand, it should be replaced as soon as possible.

Finally, some chips or cracks branch off to other chips and cracks in the glass. In this case, the damage is irreparable and will require replacement. The professional will remove your old windshield and insert a completely new one into the area. We recommend leaving this job to the professionals and avoid doing it on your own for the best results.


Advanced Windshield Replacement Techniques

Numerous windshield replacement shops also use more advanced methods to ensure the perfect installation of your vehicle’s windshield. The problems in installation typically occur once the replacement technicians don’t wear gloves, thus transmitting their skin oils into the adhesive, weakening its grip. Advanced methods help erase these common mistakes in installation with the use of sophisticated machines and systems.

Keep in mind that windshield replacement and repair can be a dangerous and costly endeavor for amateurs. Always choose a company that offers the best repair and replacement services to avoid any potential hassle on your part. Whether you opt for an in-workshop or doorstep replacement service, it’s up to you, but the most important thing to remember is to ensure that you are working with a legit and trustworthy company.