Exposing the Top Car Maintenance Myths

As a car owner, you probably heard of a myth or two about vehicle maintenance. Some are quite believable, which leads some car owners to do the wrong thing. The trouble is they can cause unnecessary expense and more damage to a vehicle. So if you want to avoid such hiccups, you might as well stay informed. The following are some of the myths we debunked to help you get started:

You should let your car ‘warm up’ during winter

Idling your car to warm up during winter isn’t just a waste of fuel; it will also cause excessive wear and tear on your engine. If you want to heat up your car, drive slowly for a few minutes before going full gear. This way, your engine is working and not just burning fuel on the parking lot.

Also, just because your car is idle doesn’t mean you’re saving on fuel. It’s the other way around with the addition of damage.

You should change the oil every 5,000 kilometers

This myth is quite widespread. Many auto shops will trick you with this myth, so you’ll get an oil change even if you don’t really need it. Also, older engine oils tend to get dirty faster, which is why the 5,000-km mark was a rule of thumb. But in modern days, some cars can travel up to 15,000 km before needing an oil change. The best thing to do here is to refer to your car’s manual.

You need to replace your tires at the same time

This is nothing but a myth. If one of your car tires has lost its treads, it’s the only one you have to replace. The other intact tires would only have to be re-aligned. Take note that uneven tire tread means that your vehicle has poor alignment. Changing all four tires isn’t only unnecessary; it’s also a waste of money.

You only have to change all four tires at once if each one is heavily damaged. Other than that, there’s no need to splurge.

Cracking the window will save fuel while driving

Some people think that if they turn their AC off and open a window, it will help improve their fuel economy. This isn’t true, actually.

Opening the window while driving creates additional wind resistance. With this, your car uses slightly more fuel. If you’re up for comfort, you might as well use the AC instead. Aside from that, your car will contract more dirt if you open the windows.

Washing your car in a hot afternoon will help cool it down 

While it seems harmless to wash your car on a hot afternoon, it’s not actually a good idea. The hot temperature will only make the water evaporate fast. This will leave white streaks on your car that’s difficult to remove. If you are to wash your vehicle, it’s best to do so when it’s cooler. Also, never wash your car under direct sunlight as it will only do more harm than good.

Aside from that, dish soap isn’t ideal for your car. As much as possible, use car soap as this will not damage your paint.