How to Find Good Auto Glass Warranties

When you get your car repaired, it’s always wise to look for a warranty. Although this isn’t a requirement in the industry, a complete or limited warranty will have you covered in case of defects or issues related to the repairs arise. Each auto body shop will have varying warranty terms and it pays to ask about it each time you use their service.

Inclusive warranty coverage

The basic idea of repair warranties is for the shop to be answerable when their repairs turn out to be faulty or below standard. It typically includes the installation work and the glass materials used. As much as these two items are covered by most auto shops, there are varying terms when you read the fine print. The best coverage should include the following:

Water and wind leaks. If these two developed in the spot where the car body and glass meets, the shop will be liable for another repair.

Chips and cracks. In the case of small repairs, auto shops will cover chips and cracks that spread on the glass after the repair work.

Stress cracks. This type of crack is common after the glasswork is finished. If there are stress cracks, the auto shop will remove it for free.

Take note that your car’s condition prior to the repair may affect the warranty coverage. For example, if your car body is tattered with rust, a windshield sealant application may not hold pretty well. Still, a reliable shop will bring this to your attention. If they do, have it repaired for the benefit of the warranty and your safety.

Checking the repairs

Once your car is cleared from the shop, it’s important that you check the repairs right away. Focus on the spots where repair is done but it also pays to run a quick look on your entire vehicle. Here’s what you should do while you’re still in the shop:

Car paint. Are there dings and chips that were not there before the repair was completed?

Opening/closing mechanism. Try to roll your windows up and down. Do they run smoothly or do you sense a creaking feel?

Moldings. Are these tight and sealed seamlessly?

After you’ve brought your vehicle home, you can run further checks to see if the leaks are indeed fixed. Use a garden house and soak your windshield. If there are leaks, call the shop right away. To check for wind leaks, drive at highway speed on your way home. You can hear the whistling sound of it if there are leaks. As for the defogger, wake up early in the morning and try to use it to remove the dew.

Length of coverage

Most auto body shops nowadays will give warranty coverage for up to 90 days. This can vary wildly depending on where you have your car fixed. Still, there are a few shops that can vouch for their work with the lifetime warranty coverage.

As a rule of thumb, 90 days is the most reasonable if you can’t find a lifetime coverage. Such a timeframe is enough to see if the repairs are done well or if there are problems you need to discuss with the technicians.