How To Fix A Squeaky Car Windshield

Is your windshield making squeaky noises when you turn the wipers on? Or maybe the wipers keep getting stuck? Sounds like you have a squeaky car windshield. Lucky for you, there is a fast and affordable way to fix it. All it takes is one product and a 5-step DIY solution that’s super easy to follow!

What You Need To Fix A Squeaky Car Windshield

The only way to get this right is to have the right product. (And did we mention it’s dirt cheap?) That’s why we recommend getting spray silicone grease to act as a lubricant. You can buy it from the nearest hardware store or car shop in your area. One can cost around $5 and should last several uses.


Why use silicone grease on a squeaking windshield?

Silicone grease, also known as dielectric grease, is a type of dry moly lubricant.

  • It is waterproof so it stays on after drying.
  • Since it’s waterproof, it adds a protective layer over the rubber inserts so your wipers last long before needing replacement.
  • It’s translucent so it won’t leave stains on your wipers or windshield.
  • It is specifically designed to lubricate rubber parts like the inserts of your wipers.
  • It doesn’t cause the rubber to swell or soften, which tends to be a problem with hydrocarbon lubricants.

Do not use petroleum-based lubricants, hydrocarbon grease, or other types of oils. They will cause your wipers to collect dirt and dust, which will only make the squeaking worse. They are also known to dry and damage rubber materials, which will only cost you more in the long run.


The 5-Step DIY Fix for a Squeaky Car Windshield

Step 1: Clean the car wipers

Lift the wiper blades away from the windshield. Wipe them with a towel that is slightly soaked in warm water. Keep doing this until you’ve removed all dirt from the rubber refill, then allow the wipers to dry.


Step 2: Apply lubricant on the windshield wipers

While the wiper blades are up, spray a generous amount of lubricant on their inner side. Some of the oil will drip on your windshield, and this is perfectly fine. Make sure that the silicone grease is evenly spread across the rubber refill, from top to bottom. Wait for a few minutes.


Step 3: Remove excess oil from the wipers and windshield

Using a dry towel, wipe off the excess oil from your car wipers and windshield. Put the wipers down to return them to their normal position.


Step 4: Test the windshield wipers for squeaking

Turn on your windshield wipers and watch out for these signs:

  • If you don’t hear any more squeaking, proceed to step 5.
  • If the windshield squeaking is reduced but not completely absent, repeat steps 1 to 4 until the squeaking stops.
  • If there is no improvement, something else may be causing the squeaking. Try looking into a dirty windshield, misaligned wiper blades, and tight fasteners. You may also need to replace the rubber inserts.

Step 5: Allow the lubricant to dry completely

Silicone grease takes time to settle in. Give it a few hours of resting period before using your car wipers.