Is Gorilla Glass the Future of Auto Glass?

Ever since auto glass became a standard in the industry, it has experienced significant change. Thanks to the emergence of various technologies, auto glass is becoming tougher and safer. One of the latest innovations in auto glass is the so-called ‘Gorilla Glass’. Marketed as a tough, durable, yet lightweight, Gorilla Glass is taking the industry by storm.

A brief history of Gorilla Glass

Before it graced the automotive industry, Gorilla Glass was first used in smartphones and other mobile devices. This chemically treated glass is now being introduced in the automotive industry by Corning Inc.

To make Gorilla Glass, the car glass is blended into molten salt. So instead of using potassium ions, the Gorilla Glass uses sodium ions.

This process results in a thin (0.5 mm) and very lightweight sheet of glass. Although thin, Gorilla Glass is very durable and weighs 75% less than most auto glasses.

With the larger production, Gorilla Glass is now being used in modern cars. Still, it’s yet to be a standard as more and more innovation is being introduced in the market.

Benefits of using Gorilla auto glass

Better efficiency

Since Gorilla Glass is very lightweight, it will directly reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions of vehicles. It reduces the cost of operating your car while giving the environment a big favor.

Increased safety

All the technologies emerging to improve auto glass are all intended to improve its safety standards. With Gorilla Glass, a vehicle will have better braking and maneuverability abilities.

Gorilla Glass is not prone to shattering, which also reduces the injuries related to the shards of glass.

Improved visibility

Gorilla Glass is reported to be clearer than other auto glass. This improves the driving safety of vehicles, especially in zero visibility situations. In fact, experts say that Gorilla Glass offers three times more optical clarity than standard car glasses.

And since it’s clearer, Gorilla Glass provides a wider viewing field.

More resilient

Based on the initial tests conducted on Gorilla Glass, it can endure more force and impact. It’s more flexible than other auto glass which allows it to withstand higher force in the event of a collision or an accident.

Aside from high-speed damage, Gorilla Glass is also more durable in the event of a hailstorm. Since this glass also possesses the laminated nature, the small pieces will adhere to the polyvinyl butyral sheet.

Should you get Gorilla Glass?

If you want to improve the fuel economy of your car, then Gorilla Glass is a great choice. It also offers better durability, clarity, and driving safety.

However, since it’s a new technology, Gorilla Glass for cars may not come cheap. You can ask a local auto shop if they supply such replacements.

Final words

The auto glass industry is continuously innovating with new technologies. This modernization boosts the safety and efficiency of your windshield and windows. After many decades of innovation, we’ve arrived in an era when thin and lightweight can be tough and durable at the same time.