Great Driving Habits You Need to Adopt

Whether you are an experienced driver or a new one, it pays to learn good driving habits. Great habits will keep you safe and it is also a good service to other drivers. It makes even more sense given the escalating number of fatalities being recorded each year.

So if you want to be a conscientious driver, make sure that you adopt these good habits:

Drive distraction-free

The moment you start your car, your eyes should be on the road and your hands on the wheels. Keep your phone on hands-free mode and try to avoid using it at all while driving. If you need to use a map, look for a voice-controlled solution. Not only is it easier to use, you can also control it without the need to take your eyes off the road.


Use turn signals

Turn signals are devised so you can let other drivers know if you plan to turn or overtake. Use signals at all times and use your blinkers whenever you’re about to make a move. Remember, you need to signal before you turn, not after. This way, the other driver can’t say that you didn’t signal if he or she failed to notice.


Drive defensively

Being a defensive driver means you’re thinking about the chance of another driver or pedestrian making an error. By being focused, you can think and act fast and reduce the risk of accidents.

Always scan your surroundings for potential dangers that could impair your driving. By doing so, you can plan your driving better. This is particularly important during peak traffic hours and if you’re driving with little to no visibility.


Keep your car in good shape

By keeping your vehicle in a great condition, you can reduce danger on the road. On top of this, you’re also keeping other road users safe. Take note that tires that are worn out or a chipped windshield can cause dangerous accidents. Don’t wait for problems to arise, solve them right away.


Obey road signs

This is a simple rule taught in every driver’s ed class. Road signs keep everyone safe, and serve as a reminder of the potential damage that could occur. This can include speed limits, blind curves and accident black spots. Road signs are created for a reason. If you continue to turn a blind eye, you may find yourself in a collision.


Drive sober

Never drink and drive Drinking alcohol impairs your body and makes you less effective at responding to dangers on the road. On top of that, you won’t see the road clearly. You’re not in the right condition to operate an automobile if you’re at a drunken state. So if you drink too much, please hail a cab to go home.

Keep kids safe

Aside from you and other road users, you should also keep your kids and pets safe when they are in your car. Young children should be seated in proper car seats. Cats and dogs should also be in a carrier or pet seat that is ecurely attached.