Here’s How to Protect Your New Car

So you just bought a new car and planning to make it last longer. But with the harsh conditions of the outdoors, it’s quite daunting to flaunt your new vehicle. Take note that your car will be exposed to rain, sunlight, dust, and other elements. Aside from that, leaving your car parked for hours outdoors will make it susceptible to damage. So how can you protect your new car? Here are some of the hacks you can follow:

Wash it regularly

Washing your car once in a while is ideal for keeping the dust and dirt from accumulating. This is a good way to protect the paint and to maintain the luster of your vehicle. Just make sure that you don’t wash your car during the hot hours of the day. Also, use soap that’s made for vehicles only.

Wax it regularly 

If you want to keep your car shiny and lustrous, make sure that you get it waxed regularly. Waxing every month is a rule of thumb, but you can also consider weekly if you’re driving long distances. As much as you can use sprays, waxes last and hold up longer even under harsh conditions.

Consider using a sealant

Sealants only have to be used once or twice a year. This acts as a protective layer for the car paint to prevent chipping or fading. If you are to apply a sealant on your own, always follow the 4:1 ratio. Dilute one part of the sealant in four parts of a bonding agent.

Always check the tire pressure

Before you go for a long road trip, make sure that you check the pressure of your car tires. This will prevent excessive wear and tear on your new car.

Make sure that you do the same diligence on your spare tire. So when your tires got busted while on the road, you’ll have peace of mind that the replacement is in good condition.

Keep it covered

Don’t let your car bear the brunt of ultraviolet rays and other harsh elements. If you are to leave your car outdoors for long, make sure that you protect it using a proper car cover. This is very much important during winter when snow can freeze the handles and ruin auto glass. As much as possible, look for covered parking to secure your new car.

Don’t slam the door

Many car owners are guilty of slamming the car door. Regardless if you have a new or old car, it’s best to close it with just the right force. Slamming it would only cause unnecessary wear and tear on the auto glass. Take note that such a habit will also compromise your windshield and the alignment of the chassis.

Get dings and dents repaired 

If your new car sustained dings or small dents, it’s best to have it repaired right away. Take note that minor dings can branch out to bigger damages. This will cost more in the long run. Aside from that, putting off repairs will cause rusting, and the damages will become bigger.