How to Tell Your Windshield was Not Installed Correctly

Windshields are an important feature of any vehicle, keeping out dust, rain, and wind. They even help drivers avoid the glare of the sun and protect them from dirt and debris that litters the road.

But an improperly installed windshield doesn’t do any of those things. in fact, it is a safety hazard and a catastrophe just waiting to happen. To the expert, there are several tell-tale signs that a windshield isn’t installed right. But it can be hard for regular drivers to tell. Don’t leave things to chance. If you’ve had a windshield installed recently, make sure you are aware of these five signs that it wasn’t installed correctly.


Five Signs of an Improperly Installed Windshield

The glass is not level and flush

An improperly installed windshield is often discernable through a slight curvature or crookedness when you look through it. This is one of the easiest ways to tell because it can be quite noticeable. A warped view isn’t just annoying for the driver, it can result in them making miscalculations which can become severe when driving at speed.


The glass rattles

This is an easily discernable sign of an imperfectly installed windshield. Often more noticeable on the highway than round the city, many drivers may just choose to ignore it—don’t make that mistake. If the glass rattles it hasn’t been secured properly which means that it is at risk of cracking or of coming out completely.


It leaks during rain, fog, or snow

Leaks are another tell-tale sign of an imperfectly installed windshield. A windshield should be fit snug to the point where moisture cannot enter even during the most torrential thunderstorms. It’s natural for your windows to fog, but if they fail to keep out the elements or fog over so often that they become a hazard, your windshield may have been installed poorly.


Peeling adhesive sealant

Sometimes it isn’t the positioning of the glass or its installation that is the issue, but the adhesive that helps to keeps it in place. If the adhesive is peeling off, or if it is dry and cracking, it can pose a problem and must be addressed immediately. Improperly applied adhesive or old adhesive that hasn’t been replaced can result in any of the two former problems, which will likewise increase the chances of possible accidents.


You can’t tell where your glass came from

It is very important that your glass is repaired using OEM glass from your car’s original manufacturer. If don’t have proof of where your glass came from then you can’t be certain that your new windshield is safe to use.


A properly installed windshield is not only a beautiful thing, it also adds to the overall safety, reliability, and longevity of your vehicle. Make sure it is done right by calling A Plus Auto Glass on (615) 218-6844.