The Importance of Oil Change to Your Vehicle

Your car is subject to different routine maintenance checks, and one of the most important steps is to regularly change your car’s oil. Why is this? The car’s engine is composed of various parts, and in order for these parts to function well, it has to be proper lubricated.

Eventually, the engine oil gets contaminated with dirt, dust, and other foreign particles. That’s why it is imperative to constantly check if there are contaminants in the engine. Therefore, oil is essential to prevent damage on the engine.

When the Car Care Council conducted a study, they found out that 22% of the cars surveyed have dirty engine oil. If not, the cars have obviously low levels of oil. When this happens, the engine won’t work well, which is tantamount to your car deteriorating.Person in Black Shirt and Gray Pants Standing Beside Black Car

Regularly changing a car’s oil and filter can aid better engine performance. You get to maintain your car at its pristine condition, and at the same time, you will avoid expensive repairs along the way. Just look at it this way: an oil change can cost you from a hundred bucks to two hundred. However, when you repair an engine, it will cost around $5,000. Below, I will share the main reasons why oil and filter changes are necessary.

  • Engine lubrication.

    • Your vehicle is made up of tiny moving parts. Each valve, tube, and wire you can think of is all interconnected under the hood. The engine is comprised of intricacies. If these parts continue to run without proper lubrication, of course, it will overheat. If this happens, the engine  becomes drastically overused.
    • So, be sure to check the owner’s manual to ensure that you are replenishing the correct grade of oil and adding the recommended amount.
  • Cooling of components.

    • When car part are not properly lubricated, it heats up because of friction. If you provide sufficient amounts of oil, you get to prevent the unnecessary damage due to overheating.
  • Dirt, dust, and other foreign elements.

    • Aside from overheating, your car is also subject to outside elements. Because of constant travel, your car could come into contact with foreign particles. When dirt and dust get into the engine, it’s deadly. When you don’t change the filter, the dirt can eventually cause corrosion, which could permanently damage the engine.
    • Even if you are careful, the oil will breaks down its own. Eventually, it will turn to sludge. Whether your car is always on the road or not, a routine oil check is need to keep the sludge amd other particles away from the engine.
  • Gas mileage.

    • When the engine is not properly lubricated, the car exerts more effort. Thus, increasing its fuel consumption. So, make sure that the oil is not only clean, but the oil should be at its recommended level.
    • The U.S. Department of Energy shares that around 1-2% of gas is saved. It may not seem much, but that could mean a gallon of gas by the end of the year.
  • Long life.

    • If you take care of things, it will last longer than expected. Like in most things, if you take care of your car, you can expect a longer life.
    • When the engine and other internal parts work too hard, this strains your car. Eventually, after years of working too much, it will give on you. Don’t wait for it to happen, and start doing maintenance checks on a regular basis.