Is It Important to Get a Licensed Auto Mechanic?

If you send your car to an auto repair shop, of course, you would want to be sure that the mechanic knows how to tinker your car. When you send your vehicle for repairs, you would expect that the technician would know to work on your car in case there are hiccups along the way.

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Ideally, you would want a licensed mechanic to look after your car. Someone is rightfully equipped with the knowledge, the hands-on experience, and the right tools. Most of the time, the costs of repairs at a professional shop will be costlier than an average company. Then, you would ask yourself, “Is a license really required?”

Is having a license really necessary?

  • Short answer: YES.
  • Long answer: Each state has different rules. To begin with, auto mechanics in Texas are even required to have not just one license, but multiple licenses to start a business. First, a professional license is need from a technical school or even a university.
  • It should proves that the person has a classroom or on-the-job training. Often times, aspiring mechanics and technicians spend hours and hours just to get a professional license. Aside from that, other states even require mechanics to obtain a state license in order to run a repair shop.
  • In fact, some counties require auto repair professionals to secure local permits with the Hazardous Materials Safety Permit. This HAZMAT permit will guarantee that one is fit to handle dangerous materials such as the car’s transmission fluid, oil, and gas.

Get a licensed mechanic

  • First, you always have to ask around before you make a final decision. You don’t take your car in for service right away! A repair shop should be able to tell you about their services. In addition, you should see the different licenses displayed at their service bay.
  • Independent shops can also be a great choice just as long as they are licensed to repair cars. You are sure that A + Plus Auto Glass uses only O.E.M. products, and the manager Jeff Wheeler is an I-CAR instructor for auto glass. A + Plus Auto Glass can guarantee reliability of the safety hinges and the integrity of your windshield. In addition, the auto glass repair and replacement technicians follows the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).
  • If you want, you can also search for local reviews. There are A + Plus Auto Glass reviews in Glendale, Mesa, Peoria, Scottsdale, and Surprise. These will tell you which shops are above the rest.

Risks of bad repairs

  • Work from an unlicensed mechanic can nullify your car’s warranty on specific parts like tires and shock absorbers for instance. If a major damage is linked to a performance of an unlicensed mechanic, your manufacturer will not honor your warranty.
  • Aside from issues with the warranty, safety is another factors. Mechanics who aren’t properly trained may cut costs and cut corners along the way.  That will put your life at risk!

In the end, be wary of any mechanic who tells you that a license is unnecessary to do car repairs. Go to a shop that can give the certainty and confidence you want. A + Plus Auto Glass will prioritize your safety more than anything so call A + Plus Auto Glass now at (623) 218-6844!