Is It Important to Keep a Repair or Maintenance Log for Your Vehicle?

Keeping a repair or maintenance log for your vehicle

Having maintenance of your vehicle is vital when it comes to keeping your car in excellent running condition. Not to mention, the log will help you to take care of small problems before they turn into big ones, and in the long run, this practice will make it possible for you to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Together with maintaining your vehicle, you will also need to keep up with your maintenance records. Listed below are some of the reason why keeping vehicle maintenance record is necessary.

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It will help you keep track, eliminate guesswork and unneeded maintenance.

A lot of people lead a very busy life that they tend to forget when they changed the oil or rotated their tires. If you have a vehicle maintenance log, you will be able to know exactly when your tires were rotated, which would have let you save some time and money. It might not be a lot, but over time, it saves you from an unneeded maintenance.

Besides, you don’t have to do any guesswork about when was the last time you changed your oil, topped up your fluids, had a brake inspection, and such. You can just refer to your log, and you will be able know exactly what repairs or services your need.

It helps you know the comprehensive cost of ownership of your car.

Maintenance cost of vehicles vary, and some might cost more to maintain. But without having any sort of maintenance log, it is difficult to track and monitor the exact costs of maintaining and repairing your vehicle.

Also, this can make it a bit tougher to budget, and secure that you have enough money for other maintenance fees. You will never know exactly the amount you are spending!

Having a comprehensive records of oil changes, car repairs, tires rotation and other typical maintenance duties will let you see exactly how much you spend on your vehicle annually, and this help you budget your finances more efficiently.

It increase the vehicle’s resale value.

A vehicle that has a complete maintenance log with receipts is an indication that you have been exceptionally taking proper care and taking extra precautions for your vehicle. Also, it helps buyers know what they are buying

Your repair log can give buyers peace of mind, and it is crucial in understanding the condition of the vehicle. Moreover, it assures that the buyers will be able to know which parts have been repaired.

So, every time you are busy keeping your car clean and shiny, remember to keep its history clean as well. Take the time to keep track any changes you do to your vehicle and any repairs or replacement that have been done, and you will see, in the future, this small time investment will have a more valuable results than expected.

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