Important Things to Note When Getting a Secondhand Car (Part 3)

In Important Things to Note When Getting a Secondhand Car (Part 2), I shared that you should check the car’s tires and mileage. This time, I would want to emphasize on the air conditioning system, the trunk, and other external factors.

See if the air conditioning is working fineshallow focus photography of orange Volkswagen Beetle

You are planning to buy a car to make yourself comfortable. If you end up buying a car with no proper (or defective) air conditioning system, it defeats the purpose. Having a working AC is a must especially during the summer season.

No one wants to be sweaty and stinky. So, before getting a secondhand car, you must ensure that the air-conditioning units are fine and can keep up with the summer heat.  Does the AC still have coolant? Does the compressor have leaks? Have you noticed any cracks? Well, acquiring a new one may mean a hefty price. However, if you repair the existing unit, how long will it last?

For you to successfully repair the air conditioning unit, you should check the sticker found on the condenser because this is will tell you the type of coolant needed for this unit.

Notice if there are obvious scratches and uneven patches

In this particular moment, first impressions last. So, the moment you see scratches and dents, you will have second thoughts in buying a car. Of course, you would want something that looks and feels clean. A few scratches are negligible for a used car, but if the scratches and dents, that’s a dealbreaker, right?

Minor damages are repairable and it should not be a stressor. What you need to look out for is a rusty spot or paint chip. When you are extensively looking for problem areas, you should particular look for a rusty patch because it can quickly spread. More on this topic on The Common Car Rust Locations.

Inspect the trunk

You must be raising an eyebrow right now. What has the trunk got to do with buying a used car? Well, I am here to tell you that there’s more to the trunk than you might thought. No, we’re not looking for a dead boy or missing person. By inspecting the trunk, you will know how the car was treated by its previous owner.

A good sign would be having a spare tire, having a tool box, or any emergency supply. If you see these things on the car’s trunk, it means that the owner values it. The car is ready for possible emergencies on the road.

You should also be able to see if the car floor is damaged. If you see any damages, then, it would mean that the car may have encountered a collision in the past. Additionally, you should inspect if there are any rust and water damage. This may lead to obvious cracks and holes, and it’s not something you can ignore. If you want to learn about car rust, read Should I Repair Car Rust on My Own?

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